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Editor:- March 12, 2015 - I talk to founders of SSD companies nearly every day.

Yesterday - something I said - in one of the longest conversations I ever remember having had about enterprise SSDs - and I've had a few - inspired the person I was talking to - to change his plans from something quite different - and develop a new SSD systems company instead.

I learned that change of plan from his follow up email.

And if it does happen - then when his new company is ready - I'll let you know.

It's not unusual.

Some of the world's best known SSD companies were talking to me - long before anyone else knew about them - or cared about what they were thinking. Nice to know it's still happening.

The other nice thing is when people in SSD companies (or their customers) that I've never spoken to before - start their conversation with - I've been reading your articles for years - and that's what got me into SSDs.

Thanks for everyone who has said that - or thinks something similar.

So - if you're wondering - what comes next?

I haven't run out of ideas yet.

The next big article will be a shocker.

The seeds were planted in 2 separate, classification type, articles I wrote years ago.

It's just the impact of them coming together in the market - at the right time - which will shatter many business plans - and cause people to ask themselves - why did we ever think like that before?

If it's any consolation... I did too.

6 weeks later...

That new article was ready. And I introduced it with the assertion that - "90% of the enterprise SSD companies which you know have no good reasons to survive."

It's about drivers, mechanisms and routes towards consolidation in the enterprise SSD market along with some other outrageous and dangerous ideas too.

These were the very same ideas I was discussing with the reader I mentioned above who told me that as a result of these concepts he's going to start a new SSD systems company. So just to clarify this - consolidation is bad news for some companies and an opportunity for others. the article

The above story first appeared in SSD news.

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