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Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) is the world's most complete, open, and integrated business software and hardware systems company. For more information about Oracle, please visit

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editor's comments:- September 2013 - You don't have to look very far on any web site which talks about Oracle, databases and SSDs to see that one of the popular traditional themes which link these ideas - is wanting to know the answer to the question - how can you make your databases run faster (and more affordably)?

This desire goes right back to the early availability of these relational databases which were portable across multiple operating systems. And in the mid to late 1980s when I was working for a company called Databasix - some of the things we looked at for products like Oracle (and many others which no longer exist) were the speedup effects of parallel processing, RAID and SSDs.

Some of the lessons I learned from that time were:-
  • the SSD isn't always the bottleneck (but if it is - the SSD can make a dramatic difference).
  • the economic trade-offs of what you accelerate, and how, and when - are all decisions which have to be reviewed often based on the changing dynamics of the customer's own business and the changing possibilities of technology too.
Now in 2013 - Oracle is a me-too player in the SSD market - due in great part to the weak legacy in SSDs which Oracle inherited when it acquired Sun Microsystems.

Could Oracle (the systems company) do better? Sure. But in my view it will be as a result of even more acquisitions and badge engineering rather than organic in-house developments.

An entire ecosystem has grown up in the enterprise SSD market to fill the gap between what Oracle (and other database companies) have the potential to do in performance and cost/ benefit terms - and what they actually achieve.

My belief is that just as no single SSD company will dominate the enterprise - due to the conflicting needs of optimizing different use cases - it's unrealistic to ever expect Oracle to be the best (and most competitive) supplier of SSD hardware for its software.

But no doubt it will keep trying to suggest otherwise.
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Oracle acquires GreenBytes
Editor:- May 15, 2014 - Oracle today announced it will acquire GreenBytes.
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