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Ovonyx was formed with the charter to commercialize the proprietary phase-change semiconductor memory technology originally invented by S. R. Ovshinsky at Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ENER - see website at Ovonyx nonvolatile memory technology offers significantly faster write and erase speeds, higher cycling endurance, and better scaling performance with new generations of photolithography than conventional Flash memory. It also has the advantage of a simple fabrication process that allows the design of semiconductor chips with embedded nonvolatile memory using only a few additional mask steps. Ovonyx is pursuing commercialization of its array-addressed memory systems through licenses and joint development programs with semiconductor manufacturers including Qimonda, BAE Systems, Intel Corporation, ST Microelectronics, Samsung, Nanochip, and Elpida Memory. For more information, please visit

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10 Ten Tips for a Successful RAID Implementation

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In the 20 years since I first worked on RAID I've read and published countless articles about this subject.

So what can a new RAID article tell you?

Plenty of practical stuff - from a modern perspective. the article , ...Infortrend profile

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