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Sponsored news on is a safety net for marketers who want visibility using our PR channel, but who got things wrong first time around

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You DON'T need this service if...

  • you're an advertiser
  • you're a startup or your company has never previously been featured in our news pages, or if it's been over a year since we last heard from your company.

    You can use the site search-engine to check this, but we check our database automatically for every incoming release and use let stringent filtering criteria for startups - because we know you may not have the same level of resources as a long established company.

You MAY need this service if...

  • getting high visibility for your press release is really important to your company, and for whatever reason, you didn't send us a timely relevant press release which got published, or
  • you DID send us a timely relevant press release, but so did a lot of other companies on the same day, and YOUR release got excluded out by our filtering process, or
  • your promotion strategy is to use saturation PR instead of advertising, in which case your releases may be getting lower points scores than other companies, and many of them will get filtered out.

the original press release date must be no more than 30 days before the agreed sponsored release publication date. News older than this will not be run, even if you agree to pay for it. You should look at advertising instead, which is a more appropriate package for promoting products long after their original launch date, and may cost less.

We reserve the right not to run any ad or sponsored item on our web site, if, after having seen the content, we deem it is not sufficiently relevant to our readers, or if the content supplied by the advertiser is not judged to be of a sufficiently high standard.
To order:- email your questions or order. We'll fax you an invoice which you can pay by Amex, Visa, MasterCard, check or wire transfer. News items will not run until we get your payment. The lead time for the whole process, assuming you pay by credit card is typically 24 to 48 hours.
Text news package - $500

Your edited news release is featured for 30 days in the featured news column of the one directory page which is most closely related to that release. Additional pages cost $150 each, maximum of 3 additional pages.

See examples:- on Fibre channel switches, RAID systems, SAN

Your edited news headline is run in our news banners (seen throughout the site) for a minimum of 5,000 impressions.

Your edited news story is listed as the #1 news story on the day of release, and in the archived news also. That's important on days when there are 10 or more news stories being covered.

Your company profile (extracted from the release) is added to our directory and search-engine (if it's not already there) or used to update your company profile.

Image Based news package - $1,000

This is designed for new product announcements. It includes:- all the features of the text news package above, plus the following.

Your newly launched product image will appear on our home page under the news headline on the first day we run the release. The product image will also appear in the news page and archive. We resize images to fit into a window of upto 250 pixels wide and upto 150 pixels high.

The product image (linked to your company profile) will also appear for 1 month in the one directory page which is most closely related to that release., in exactly the same style which we use for classified advertisers.

If the press release is about a software product, or there isn't a product image available at press time, we can alternatively use your company logo as the image.

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