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Radix is the leader in computer maintenance solutions (CMS) technology. Providing top-of-theline tools, advanced design flows and dedicated professional service, Radix is an essential partner with companies who depend on the use of computers in their daily activities. Radix's expertise lies in the efficient utilization of its 27 years of experience in computer engineering technology for the development of a sophisticated product line. This technology has been especially designed for IT administrators, who are faced with the constant pressure and challenge of running a successful business. The company's RadixProtector product introduces the "Instant Recovery" system, enabling users to recover their own computers easily, quickly and completely, by entering a single command, preventing a potential catastrophe.

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The Need For Independent Storage Consultants - article by GlassHouse Technologies
The Need For Independent Storage Consultants - article by GlassHouse Technologies

With storage now accounting for somewhere in the region of 40%-60% of the average IT budget, there is still general agreement that most IT organizations do not have a cohesive strategy around storage. Myriad emerging technologies crowd an already full marketplace, yet most companies are still trying to understand not how to integrate even another technology but rather how to address the issues in the current operation. While it remains a good market for hiring people, Storage Administration is a relatively new competence and not readily available. Where there are people, they are expensive and unless there's a lot of on-going high-end work, they will bore easily once the initial re-architecture is done. Also, the mix of competencies necessary in a storage administrator encompasses technical architecture, operations expertise, and business acumen. This is not an easy mix to find, even in these days. the article, ...GlassHouse Technologies profile, Storage Training

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