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GlassHouse Technologies

GlassHouse Technologies is the leading vendor-independent provider of data protection and storage management services, from consulting to operational services. These services are designed to reduce cost, mitigate risk and improve control and reporting of service levels. GlassHouse focuses on driving business controls and measurement to the management of infrastructure by developing processes, procedures and methodologies that allow clients to better utilize their infrastructure investments. GlassHouse clients include Biogen Idec, Inc., B&Q, Dixons, Virgin Mobile, Visa, Autodesk and Research in Motion (RIM). More information about GlassHouse is available at

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The Need For Independent Storage Consultants - article by GlassHouse Technologies
The Need For Independent Storage Consultants - article by GlassHouse Technologies

With storage now accounting for somewhere in the region of 40%-60% of the average IT budget, there is still general agreement that most IT organizations do not have a cohesive strategy around storage. Myriad emerging technologies crowd an already full marketplace, yet most companies are still trying to understand not how to integrate even another technology but rather how to address the issues in the current operation. While it remains a good market for hiring people, Storage Administration is a relatively new competence and not readily available. Where there are people, they are expensive and unless there's a lot of on-going high-end work, they will bore easily once the initial re-architecture is done. Also, the mix of competencies necessary in a storage administrator encompasses technical architecture, operations expertise, and business acumen. This is not an easy mix to find, even in these days. the article, ...GlassHouse Technologies profile, Storage Training

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