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SCSI + Ethernet Multifunction Adapters

SCSI + Ethernet multifunction cards

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Spellerbyte was mixing up a special brew.
A little bit of Ethernet here, plus a little
bit of SCSI there, and maybe a splash of video.

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Antares - click for more info
Antares SCSI+Ethernet
PCI ConServer Fast Ethernet/ Ultra-2 Wide LVD Host Adapter from Antares Microsystems

Antares SBus Multifunction
SBus ConServer Fast Ethernet/ Ultra Wide SE Host Adapter from Antares Microsystems
Nibble Re: SCSI + Ethernet Multifunction Adapters

Space, the final frontier...

As today's servers get smaller, the cost of packing air into unused bus slots is becoming unacceptably high for most users. This selection of featured multifunction cards enables you to get mixed functionality into your Sun, Linux or Windows servers. The manufacturers featured also have single function (regular, fast or Gigabit) Ethermet, SCSI (all flavors) and (single, dual and quad port) Fibre-channel adapters.

LSI Logic
LSI Logic dual SCSI/Ethernet
PCI Ultra Wide SCSI and 10/100 Ethernet host bus adapter from LSI Logic

LSI Logic multifunction card
CompactPCI Ethernet HBAs from LSI Logic

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