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Aeon Communications

Aeon Communications based in Poole, UK was founded in 1988. The company manufactures SCSI converters, switches, extenders and fibre channel products.

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Megabyte found that compatibility problems
could creep into the simplest system.
Surviving Non-traditional Data Disasters - article by Sunbelt System Software

Editor's intro:- I used to feel smug about our own disaster recovery plans here at STORAGEsearch. But I discovered a biological weakness last summer when, following a power cut, I went to our barn to switch on the generator. When I moved the cover I also moved a live wasps nest. I got stung about 6 times before I had time to realise what was going on and made a dash back to the main building followed by a buzzing swarm. It was a bad summer for wasps. We had 5 nests around the farmhouse, and as we found out later, 2 in the barn. The pest control companies were busy and it took a long time before they got round to us and anyone could safely get access back to the barn, where we also stored one set of offsite backups.

This article Ian Masters, sales director at Sunbelt System Software looks at how "non-traditional" disasters, such as gas leaks and human error, can impact on the operations of your organisation. It's a salutary warning that real life is not always as tidy as the risk factors we include in our disaster recovery plans. the article, ...Sunbelt System Software profile, Backup software, Data recover
Sunbelt System Software

profile updated November 2002

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