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Sunbelt System Software

Established in 1983, Sunbelt System Software is the first and largest provider of 'best-of-breed' Windows system administration tools and enterprise solutions, supplying the tools necessary to support a Windows NT/2000 corporate infrastructure. Working in partnership with innovative software developers like NSI (as an NSI Software Xcelerate Partner), Sunbelt System Software produces and distributes leading edge utilities and provides mainframe quality technical support. Sunbelt System Software has 20 years of experience in supporting mission critical systems for the world's largest corporations who have implemented flexible, powerful, and quality system management tools, easily, rapidly and cost effectively through the guidance of Sunbelt. Sunbelt System Software is part of the Sunbelt International Group, which includes Sunbelt System Software within Europe and Sunbelt Software, Inc. The Sunbelt System Software group has offices in the UK France, Sweden, Germany and the US. For further information on Sunbelt System Software please visit

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the SSD story - market survival of the fittest?
The emerging size of the flash SSD market as you see it today was by no means inevitable. It owes a lot to 3 competing storage media competitors which failed to evolve fast enough in the Darwinian jungle of the storage market in the past decade.

One of these 3 contenders is definitely on the road to extinction - but could one of the other 2 still emerge to threaten flash SSDs?

A recently published article - SSD's past phantom demons explores the latent market threats which hovered around the flash SSD market in the past decade. They seemed real and solid enough at the time.
SSD past phantom demons image - click to read the article Getting a realistic perspective of flash SSD's past demons (which seemed very threatening at the time) may help you better judge the so-called "new" generation of nv memory contenders - which are also discussed in the article. the article
this way to the Petabyte SSD...................
In 2016 there will be just 3 types of SSD in the datacenter.

One of them doesn't exist yet - the bulk storage SSD.

It will replace the last remaining strongholds of hard drives in the datacenter due to its unique combination of characteristics, low running costs and operational advantages.
click to read the article -  reaching for the petabyte SSD - not as scary as you may think ... The new model of the datacenter - how we get from here to there - and the technical problems which will need to be solved - are just some of the ideas explored in this visionary article.

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