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Andiamo Systems - circa 2002

Andiamo Systems, Inc... Andiamo (Let's Go! in Italian) is a well financed, privately held company leading the charge in creating a new generation of storage networking solutions. A major shift within the storage market from direct-attached to scalable networked storage has created tremendous growth opportunities for storage infrastructure providers. This market is just beginning to take shape and the companies who emerge as market leaders will be those who deliver on the promise of storage as an Internet-based utility.

Andiamo is leading the charge by leveraging the Internet to consolidate storage, scale storage capacity and provide storage access from any point on the network. We'll accomplish this with a new architectural framework that merges storage area and IP networking to span the LAN/MAN/WAN. This new architecture will be centrally managed, vendor agnostic, and will leverage evolving industry and de-facto standards.

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