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CrosStor Software

CrosStor provides the intelligence behind serverless storage. CrosStor's OEM software helps hardware manufacturers build products to meet the increasing demand for mission-critical, high-performance, dedicated storage appliances that are independent of enterprise servers, including NAS and intelligent SAN devices. With enterprise storage requirements doubling yearly, OEMs use CrosStor's modular, storage-centric operating system to rapidly create customized, high-availability storage solutions and speed time to market. CrosStor was founded in 1990 by former Bell Labs engineers and is privately held. The company is headquartered in South Plainfield, NJ and can be contacted at 908-226-0100 or by visiting its web site at

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  • November 1, 2000 - EMC announced that it has acquired privately held CrosStor Software
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suggested by - Tim Miller, CEO Dolphin Interconnect Solutions ..............
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Integrating Solid State Storage in a PCI Express Clustering Interconnect (pdf)

Tim Miller says he chose this article because "Using PCIe SSDs as Direct Attached Storage (DAS) is a hot topic these days. This paper describes extending the benefits "outside the box" to e-PCIe SSD (external) by detailing a number of new e-PCIe SSD usage models using Dolphin's StorExpress. This includes simple DAS, with virtualization and HA support for up to 2TB for slot limited rack or blade servers to the ability for integration in PCIe cluster environments for multi-server connectivity and eventually shared storage creating 'networked' DAS - the flexibility of SAN, simplicity of DAS and the performance of SSD."

Other SSD article suggestions...

Design Tradeoffs for SSD Performance - written by Nitin Agrawal (University of Wisconsin) and Vijayan Prabhakaran, Ted Wobber, John D. Davis, Mark Manasse and Rina Panigrahy at Microsoft Research presented at the annual USENIX conference.

Tim Miller says "This paper is a useful primer on technical trade-offs for SSD performance appropriate for non-engineers who want to have a foundation of knowledge."

Other SSD bookmark suggestions...

"The 're-debate' of SAN vs. DAS takes on a new dimension with PCIe SSD and now e-PCIe SSD - I thought a couple recent blogs and articles were interesting"

DAS: the biggest surprise at NAB '09 - by Robin Harris (StorageMojo)

DAS VS. SAN - by George Crump, and published on InformationWeek

Editor:- thanks Tim for sharing your SSD links.

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