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Storage Engine

Storage Engine, Inc., is an innovative provider of data storage solutions and document imaging solutions for enterprises and departments that serve a wide range of business and government markets along with a wide range of other services to enable the capture, tracking, storing, sharing and utilization of information assets, with compliance, cost effectively. For more information, visit, or call 18667348899.

winchester disk
Hard disk drives on
Megabyte discovered that a magnet could
come in really handy for a hungry explorer.
Serial Attached SCSI: New Interface, New Storage Rack? - article by Terabytes Server Storage Tech

Users will need more than just host bus adapters and disk drives to deploy the new Serial Attached SCSI technology. But the traditional way of designing the backplanes in storage racks could lead to high cost and not use the expansion and high availability aspects of SAS to best advantage. In this article one of the world's leading suppliers of computer chassis describes their award winning new backplane concept which gets the best out of the new SAS technology while reducing costs. . the article, ...TST profile, Storage Boxes, Rackmount Storage

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