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"The 10 biggest storage companies in 2003?"
HP Employees Respond to our Article:

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In the first version of my article "10 biggest storage companies in 2003?" (published - January 2001) I invited readers to tell me if they thought I got it wrong, and in particular, if I had left any company out. Well, I did. I left out HP. Their employees are very gung-ho about HP's prospects within the storage market, and they let me know the many good reasons it should have been included.

Although one good email would have been enough to make me go back again and look at this data, HP employees composed and sent hundreds of original emails just to make sure. I know in the past that HP has been characterised as a company that's not aggressive enough at marketing. The people who work there are nice, and very polite and courteous as you can see in these emails, even when they feel strongly (and correctly) that they have been wronged.

If you want to know what HP is thinking about the future of storage, these emails provide a valuable insight into a company which has been energised and aims to take no prisoners in this strategic market segment. By the way it's only a very SMALL selection of the emails which I received from HP on this subject. But the article did say we would publish selected responses, and it would be a waste not to share these because of the high quality of the ideas and thinking.

Zsolt Kerekes editor

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To Whom it may concern:

Your search engine as well as your site are well known in the industry for the helpful data and the links to valuable information you provide.

How come you are not up-dated?

In your recent segment: The 10 biggest storage companies in 2003?

Hewlett Packard does not play? We've just happen to have the most integrated, open, scalable storage solutions (HW & SW) of the industry, and we are just about a week to generate our mayor launch ever in this part of the arena.

You are welcome to check some of our nominations and awards in the storage environment as well as our "Web/Storage main points of entry"

We truly hope this information would help with the HP storage perception.

Congratulations again,
Sergio Valdes NSSO/ Marketing & Channel Enablement, Santa Barbara, CA
Zsolt Kerekes,

Regarding your list - you have (or will) receive more than one message regarding the lack of HP on your list.

Refer to the EMC market share information:

>From 1999 to 2000 HP moved up 3 places in "Total External RAID Market Share - Revenue."

HP market share increased in NAS, UNIX and NT.

This trend of increasing market share for HP will continue. Others will probably provide more reasons why HP will be in the top 10.

Your list is your own, but leaving HP off your list means in 2003 when HP is in the top 3 (or higher?) everyone will wonder why your list did not include HP in 2001.

Kind Regards,
Keith Whitaker Network Storage Solutions Organization (NSSO) Hewlett-Packard
I'd like to nominate HP for one of the 10 biggest storage companies!

Nora M. Denzel, Vice President and General Manager, Network Storage Solutions Organization
To Whom it may concern,

I would like to nominate Hewlett Packard Company for your top ten list of storage revenue companies in 2003.

The list you have currently is a little strange to me. EMC I cannot argue deserves to be on the list as they currently have a position of dominance in the market. Many of the others on your list may manufacture storage related devices but they do not have the infrastructure behind them to be top tier storage provider companies.

Providing storage solutions to customers requires services and support in addition to products. HP is the only company in the industry in a position to be able to offer this to customers. Many of the companies on your list will certainly be top tier OEM or storage device providers and be capable of delivering good returns for their shareholders, but there needs to be a distinction between the two.

Customers who use the solution are the distinction. There are several companies who have formed alliances to be able to provide these things but only HP can deliver it all. I believe I saw a D.H. Brown report that placed HP at #3 today! That is leaps and bounds beyond where we were only last year at this time.

Surely #3 warrants a mention on your list. Storage is clearly paving the path to the future and HP will be leading the charge.

I've been watching this take shape for many years and the time is upon us.

John Shields Hewlett-Packard Co. Storage Partner Business Development Network Storage North America

I can't fathom why you would omit HP from the top 10 storage providers in 2003.

Your article admits that because of IDC's Report "Storage Services: An Analysis of Market Opportunities and the Competitive Landscape", it is an "easy" choice to put IBM on the list, but that same report lists HP as the second largest vendor and says "HP seems best equipped to deliver (storage) services...". HP leads EMC in revenue in this category by 285%--about as much as IBM's lead over HP (360%). EMC is also on your list.

By EMC's own web site ( they indicate that (using IDC data) HP is the fastest growing provider of external RAID storage--increasing its market share 34% (from 6.4% of total market revenue to 8.6% of total market revenue) compared to EMC's 7% growth (by the way, Compaq's market share FELL 12% from 1999 to 2000).

So, using your own sources, how can you believe that EMC, Compaq and others will remain in the top ten for storage, and HP will not? Additionally, you might consider that HP has made storage one of its few key strategic priorities--bringing the full weight of the company behind advancing our storage offerings and market share.

I can't begin to understand how you see storage "niche" players like Dell, Cisco, Microsoft and Intel increasing market share under the breadth and quality of storage solutions you will see from HP.

But, then again, I guess you can't be right all of the time.

You'll hear from me in 2003.
Hi, I recently reviewed's evaluation of the top 10 storage vendors in 2003. I nominate HP (do I have to drop someone off in the process? hint: Dell, Sony).

To make this list it takes a company who is best in class in a strategic element - software (Veritas), storage RAID (EMC or Compaq), storage tape (HP), or infrastructure (Brocade or Cisco) - or a company who can influence all of these.

In this second category is a very small number of companies including HP and IBM. Dell doesn't fit either of these categories. Neither does Sony.

If you combine HP's offers from above with HP's computing experience -- HP-UX and a commanding position in PC's, it seems clear to me HP must be part of the list.

Kirk Hartwig, HP-Roseville

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Dear Editor:

In regards to your storage article identifying the top storage vendors, I was very surprised not to see HP included in your top 10 list for 2003. HP has the ability to bring storage, servers and switches (Fibre Channel or Ethernet), management (HP Openview), together more effectively than any other company. DH Brown just recently published an article stating we are in the best position of any vendor to not only provide reliable storage solutions but the infrastructure necessary to effectively manage and deliver it. HP also already has a huge storage presence and market share leadership in many areas including tape drives/libraries and optical storage. HP is investing strategically in storage

Thank you for your consideration.

Jim Lucari, Network Infrastructure Solutions N.A. Technical Solutions Manager, HP-Roseville
I believe there was a glaring ommission from your 2003 top ten.

Hewlett-Packard is one of the few companies that has it all, a broad line of hardware (storage systems, tape, etc.), networking technology that will make it a winner in Storage Ethernet networking, a storage management software vision and execution that will make "federated" storage management a reality, the brand, the customer base, and most importantly the people to make it happen.

Top Ten! Heck, I think they will easily be in the top 3.

Mike Tranter, HP-Cupertino
To Whom It May Concern,

I read the article at and was surprized that HP was not listed as one of the top 10 companies in terms of storage revenue.

HP has dedicated vast resources an now is one of the top 5 players in the network attached storage arena!

Zil-e Rehman Manufacturing Development Engineer Network Infrastructure Solutions (NIS) Hewlett-Packard Company, Roseville
It was amusing to see your "flame bait" article on "10 biggest storage companies in 2003".

The money has always been in storage subsystems, not in interfaces/infrastructure, and mostly profitless revenue in disk mechanisms themselves. This was true 10 years ago in SCSI's heyday, again 5 years ago as FibreChannel emerged, and remains true today in the era of Enterprise storage subsystems.

Your hypothesis that the money, in the future, will be split between the storage subsystem vendors (ie EMC) and the storage service providers is probably a good one. Calling Intel a storage vendor by the accounting change of recategorizing PC client disks as RAID is, well, an "interesting" viewpoint.

What I find really amusing, though, is including Dell, Sony, and Compaq on the list, while omitting Hewlett Packard (my employer).

Working together with Hitachi, we offer a better Enterprise disk array than EMC (as reported by Gartner); we offer a much more complete storage solution; our storage revenue is less than EMC but certainly more than any of the three companies above.

So I nominate Hewlett Packard.

Steve Chalmers (speaking as an individual, not for HP)
Hi There,

I would like to nominate HP as one of your Top Ten if not one of your top three storage providers.

Reason :- HP provides storage products & services that stretch from DDS, LTO, etc Tape products, CDWriters, etc, through Tape & Optical Libararies, NAS storage, Modular Storage arrays, all the way up the the XP series of storage units. HP also can provide the management software and hardware for SAN infrastructures, along with Ominback backup software. And this isn't just for HP-UX environments, but Wintel as well.

Simon Riches, HP-UnitedKingdom
I nominate Hewlett-Packard for your "The 10 biggest storage companies in 2003".

HP's storage division, Network Storage Solutions, plans to be in the top 3 storage suppliers by 2003.

We plan on accomplishing this by having a $1 billion OEM storage group by 2003, as well as be the major DAT, DLT, tape autoloaders and libraries as well as low-, mid- and high-end diskarrays and network storage solutions.

HP has one of the largest tape and diskarray product lines in the industry. Please take a look at the storage products on and see for yourself.

Also, please explain a little better how Microsoft and Cisco can be classified as a storage company??

John Coyle, OEM Sales Representative HP Storage Organization Hewlett-Packard, San Jose

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Dear Sir -

Greetings from one of the storage vendors overlooked in your recent article. I would like to nominate HP as a contender.

As you mentioned, there is an IDC press release upon which you base your nomination of IBM. The release says :

"In the United States, IBM is benefiting the most from the provision of storage services. It was the top storage services U.S. vendor with an estimated $3.6 billion of the market's revenues in 1999. Hewlett-Packard placed second with 1999 revenues of $1 billion."

HP recently grew from sixth to third place in a similar analysis by of storage vendors by DH Brown, overtaking both IBM and Compaq (another nominee) to do so.

In an interview with SearchStorage (that's another publication ed) editors at the Merrill Lynch Storage Technology conference in Santa Barbara, Calif. this week, Nora Denzel, GM of NSSO, said, "HP's goal is to be no less than the top storage company in the industry. ".

The interview by Ms Denzel reinforces public statements made by senior HP Executives regarding the strategic importance of storage to HP. HP's storage portfolio is broad but focussed and the existing installed base guarantees HP a significant place in storage for the foreseeable future.

With this combination of installed base, product portfolio, corporate commitment and proven performance HP must surely make it on to any storage shortlist. I look forward to the next article.

Best regards

Pete R. King, Program Manager, Hewlett Packard, Bristol, UK

I have read your site which tries to outline the top 10 storage companies for 2003.

Where is HP??

According to Gartner, HP is currently number 2 in the enterprise storage space, 2nd only to EMC due to their mainframe functionality. Gartner has also voted HP storage number 1 as an overall enterprise storage solution. According to IDC and EMC, HP was the 3rd largest in storage revenue (up from no6 to 8.6% of the market), EMC no1 and Compaq No2.

IDC said "Based on revenue, EMC's share of the market for external storage systems rose to 26.1 percent, from 24.4 percent in 1999, the report estimates. No. 2 Compaq's share fell to 15.8 percent, from 18 percent, and Hewlett-Packard jumped to third place from sixth".

I find it interesting that companies such as Intel, Cisco and Microsoft are listed as currently they have no product and I find it hard to believe that they will be able to product a viable product in 2 years (well at any rate a product that will put all three of them in the top 10).

Sony will have to sell quite a few cameras and AIT, likewise Maxtor will have to sell quite a few DLT solutions to make the top 10. HP have got and will have even better products by 2003. I recon HP will be at least no3, if not no2, so I would like to se HP on the top 10 list

Marcel Rebelo, Storage Sales Specialist Hewlett-Packard - Cape Town, South Africa
How can you write this article and not include HP!!!!!!!!

Now run by the guy who turned round HP PC's A new storage manager (from outside - about time HP)

A newly integrated organisation - single face

One of Fiorina's top 4 objectives

Dominant in secondary storage

Significant internal market

Massive channel presence on the back of printers and pc's

Already shipping to Dell , IBM , Sun as an OEM (they clearly know the storage winners)

Complete knowledge set across networking , disc , tape , raid etc.

Already gnawing away at EMC with te XP stuff.

.... all it takes is for HP to say it wants to win in storage and lo it will be so seagate in the list but not HP

(shurely shome mishtake)
Derek Gray Materials Manager Data Protection Bristol, HP-UnitedKingdom

I noticed that Hewlett Packard is not predicted to be in your top ten storage companies in 2003...?

You may be in for a surprise!

Martyn J Lyons, Business IT Network Storage Solutions Org, HP-UnitedKingdom

Would like to nominate HP as Top 10 Storage Vendors in terms of revenue in 2003.


Regards, Rony Muliana, Region Expert Center - HP Asia Pacific, SAN Integration Center Singapore
For some unknown reason, HP is missing off your top 10 list for 2003. I think if you look at HP's position today and its strategies for the future, it is sure to be in the top 10.

Regards, Colin Swan., HP-UnitedKingdom

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Hello Storage search,

I think one major company that is missing from your top 10 in storage, is Hewlett Packard. They will be among the top 10 in 2003. They are putting solutions in place and lately I have read articles for example on Ultrium, that say HP's drive is superior to the others in the market place.

All I can say is "look over your shoulders HP are on their way".

Andy Williams, OEM Marketing Support, HP-UnitedKingdom
In my opinion HP's Storage organisation is positioning itself with a large storage product portfolio, to become not only in the top ten but one of the top three.

HP is already ahead of its competitors in areas such as tape storage and in particular the new Utrium format. HP is the only producer to introduce the half height version and is leading the way as far as performance and market share. I look foward to reading your revised list in the near future.

Mike King, HP-UK

working in the LTO product for about a year and being able to see the quality and ability of our product, i have to say that i'm very surprised you don't include HP in the top 10.

My vote is with HP and i'm sure that if you don't include HP in a future list, your prediction outcome will suffer.

Marios Dimakopoulos, NSSO Data Protection LTO HP Invent, UK
I think you should definitely include Hewlett Packard (HP).

Here are 2 examples that HP will definitely be amongst the winners in the enterprise storage market in 2003:

DH Brown report ranking the four top total storage solution providers (EMC, IBM, HP and Sun) has rated HP #1 as the best "overall storage solution" provider;

The industry watcher Open Systems Advisors has recognized HP's storage and software solutions with its highest honor, the Crossroads 2001 A-List Awards. Winning in the "Business and Technology Infrastructure" category of the Crossroads A-List Awards are the HP Surestore Disk Array XP512 storage and HP Bluestone Total-e-Server middleware products.


Paola Frigieri Hewlett Packard, UK
I would like to nominate Hewlett Packard as a top 10 storage player in 2003.

My reasons are as follows:
  • hey are in the top ten today
  • They have a great strategy for storage
  • They have a great portfolio of customer storage solutions today
  • They have a great portfolio of customer storage solutions under development
I really don't understand why you don't have them on your list.

Dave Banks, Engineering Project Manager Hewlett Packard, UK
Dear Sirs,

I would like to nominate HP for the following reasons:

1) We are already #3 (up from #6) in external RAID systems according to IDC
2) Leading analysts like Gartner Group, DH Brown rate HP storage solutions #1
3) We have leading tape technology (LTO - Ultrium) and other very competitive product introductions coming soon.
4) We have a strong WW storage team lead by our energetic vice-president and ww storage manager Nora Denzel.

Together we will make it!

Best Regards,
Mikhail Karpekov Storage Sales Specialist, BCSO Russia.

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Please include HP in your set of top 10 storage revenue companies for 2003.

Connie Luke RMWS Site Account Manager, HP-FtCollins

I would like you to add Hewlett Packard on your list as one of the 10 largest Storage companies in 2003 !

Karine DUSE, Storage Support & Services Organization, HP-France
To whom it may concern:

I'd like HP to get added to your list of top 10 storage companies. D.H. Brown -- a reputable industry consultant on storage -- just published a report in late December claiming that Hewlett-Packard had the best storage portfolio in the industry. In terms of revenues, HP storage is among to the top 5 of the industry.

Patrick Eitenbichler HP Marketing, HP-FtCollins

Just a short note to share my view, that HP will definitely be one of the top 10 in storage in 2003. Regards

Gary Marriner, HP-UnitedKingdom
HP invent will be number 1 in storage by 2003

I would like to nominate Hewlett Packard as one of the top ten storage companies in 2003. In fact, I believe HP has the leadership, commitment, and momentum to be in the top 3. With HP's commitment to storage in all it's various forms, leaving HP out of the future leaders is, in my opinion, a large oversight.

Sincerely, Keith Decker, HP-Greeley

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To the Editor,

I just wanted to add my voice to the number of eamils that you received about non-having included HP in the top 10 storage vendors by 2003!

Please look at the following picture, and instead of many words, you see clearly which storage vendor made in 2000 the most significant move! Oh, by the way, this is an IDC picture which is available on one of our competitor's website.

I am sure that you will consider HP into your top 10 list.

Robert ABEHASSERA, Hewlett-Packard Storage Operation, EMEA Marketing Manager

Editor:- I haven't included the picture here for copyright reasons. It was a chart from IDC estimating HP's RAID market share in 2000 as 8.6%.
Hi there,

Please note that I want to include HP in this list.In fact, I believe HP will be in the top 2 as it is already now number 3!!!

Many thanks and best regards .

Pauwels,Jean Pierre Storage Program Manager, HP, Belgium & Luxembourg
I have read your article of the 10 biggest storage companies in 2003 with great interest, but I was surprised that Hewlett Packard was not among one of those listed.

HP is in a period of reinventing itself, and once it has overcome it's teething problems, I think will be one of the 10 biggest storage companies in 2003.

With an exiting range of new products, including their first generation range of LTO tape drives, Einstein and also the half height version Newton (capable of storing 100GB to a single tape), and their total backup solutions, should position HP among the 10 biggest storage companies 2003.

MADGE,SCOTT, HP-UnitedKingdom

I think you should seriously consider HP as a top 10 storage candidate for 2003!!!

Terence WEE, HP-Singapore
You better believe HP will be in there.

I would nominate HP to be in the top three.

Patrick McGoey, Hewlett Packard Co. Disk and Enclosure Release Team, MNS Roseville,CA
Dear STORAGEsearch,

I would like to nominate Hewlett-Packard for the top-10 in storage by 2003. When a company with the size and determination of HP sets storage as one of its top priorities, you can bet we'll increase our market share in the next few years. We're hiring the best, slimming down elsewhere, and setting our sights on the kind of storage solutions that will make the e-world hum. Look out EMC!

Best Regards,
Jacki Berry. HP Network Storage Solutions Organization, UnitedKingdom
I'd like to nominate HP as one of the top 10 in terms of storage revenue in 2003

Lisa Laver, Ultrium SureStore Product Manager Ultrium Product Generation Unit Data Protection Bristol
Hey guys

You may say I have a vested interest in this - but I KNOW what we are doing NOW in storage - and need to suggest that by ANY criteria HP are in the top 10 NOW - let alone going forward - as you seek to predict storage success of the future.

Just look at where we were 1x year ago - and feel our momentum in the market place, talk to customers, and maybe even the major consultants ...

I'm confident --- that's why I work here ..

Tom Schwarz, Sales/SAN Evangelist, NSSO - Network Storage Solutions Organization, HP-China
To whom it may concern,

After reading your selection of the Top Ten companies in Storage I was amazed that you did not have Hewlett Packard on your list. I believe you may wish to adjust this error before your next update.

Martin Lee

HP Network Storage Solutions Organisation (Bristol)
Hewlett Packard is not on your list, so i would like to nominate them.

Well, what reasons!! DDS tape drives, LTO tape drives, DLT tape drives, Disk Arrays,NAS,SAN,Autochangers,Media

we could go on!

MANDY JONES, HP-UnitedKingdom
Dear Storage Search, Alright I know I'm slightly bias, and you've probably received hundreds of emails from employees in last few days, but your list must include HP. We have a great range of storage products and solutions from Tape drives (DDS, DLT, LTO - fastest tape drive in the world, etc) all the way up to Libraries, not forgetting optical and SAN fabric stuff. HP are THE storage solution company. Unfortunately I can't provide you with the revenue information, but I sure somebody will. Great site by the way but what's with the mice?

Best Regards,
Nick Jordan, HP-UnitedKingdom

You might have forgotten that HP has the fastest Storage Array, the XP512. (I am serious, no other box on the market can touch it!)

This array, with its cross-bar technology beats everyone. Everyone knows we have the fastest box and all the software to be a true ENTERPRISE STORAGE SOLUTION PROVIDER. This box scales to over 25 Tera-Bytes.

I think you should include Hewlett Packard in the top 10.

Woodson Long Hewlett Packard Performance Engineer, HP-Roseville
I'd like to nominate my company, Hewlett-Packard.

For year 1999 data, we were #6 in RAID storage. With 2000 data, we have moved up to #3, passing Sun, Hitachi, and IBM!

Compaq, currently #2, lost market share.

Using EMC's data, I calculate that they grew at approximately 37%.

Using the same data (from the EMC web site), HP grew nearly twice as fast at 72%.

You might also want to check out what D.H. Brown Associates thinks

Gary Ackaret Hewlett-Packard Company, HP-Boise

The article suggests at least three prominent themes for success in storage: Current customer base/size of market, ability to bring future technology to bear, and leadership in NT and UNIX markets. Without access to the greater markets of both NT and UNIX, a number of storage providers will wither away. So lets get into my reasons why HP is already and will remain in the top tier of storage providers.

HP already has a sizeable and growing market base with both NT and Unix markets. Depending on which market measure is used, HP is either #1 or #2 in PC sales and #1 in Unix server sales. HP is the preferred storage provider for both of these markets.

Second, HP has complete storage solutions available today. Everything from mass storage products to software solutions that add value to the customer already exist. In addition, HP with its investment in storage and commitment by the top level of HP management to make HP storage #1, is bringing future technologies to bear in the storage market. Given that HP is a leader in their respective PC & Unix server markets; HP has a wide offering of current storage solutions;HPs committment to customers; and to bringing future storage technologies to market in order to be #1 in storage all add up to HP being on your list of leaders in 2003?

Kirk Hanson, HP-Boise
To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to cast my vote for Hewlett-Packard (HWP) to be in the top ten biggest storage companies in 2003. Given where HP was just two years ago as a reseller of EMC storage with no SAN or storage management strategy to where we are today, #1 on "DH Brown Associates list of total storage solution providers" and the winner of the Crossroads A-List award for our XP512/Bluestone offering, I think you have missed the mark on one of the premier storage companies in the industry.

Where we used to be a server company selling storage we have become a storage company selling servers. HP is truly committed and uniquely positioned with our storage array products and associated SAN and array management software to challenge EMC as the premier storage solution provider company in the year 2003. I believe you need to take a more detailed look at what HP is doing today and where we are going tomorrow and into 2003.

Joseph Algieri, Senior Consultant Network Storage Solutions Organization, HP-Cupertino
Storage will be about convergence:

On a scale and scope unseen to this day. Software, arrays, backup, networking, servers, PC's, Unix, etc. ...

No company other than HP has all of the tools to bring this together, despite strong leads in individual areas (Cisco, EMC, Intel, IBM). When 10 Gig storage over ethernet hits full swing, who is going to have it all working together? HP.

It's laughable that we aren't even on your list. Seagate? Maxtor? Give us a break!

My opinion, for what it's worth, is that HP will be in the top 3 of the Storage Market based on, among other things, revenue in 2003.

Thanks for the opportunity to share my opinion.

GREG R. SMITH, Marketing & Channel Enablement Manager HP Network Storage Solutions Organization, HP-FtCollins

After reading your article, I found it quite interesting, however I believe that HP presently is and will continue to be a significant player in the Storage market long before 2003. I would like to nominate HP for the top 10 based on HP's:

1. Present Storage position and product market acceptance

2. Competence and experience of the current upper level storage management

3. Widely publicized and broadly accepted & endorsed strategy by various highly regarded market analysts

I'm surprised that you don't see them in the top 10?

What are you basing your assessment/predictions upon?

Frank Sindelar, HP-Roseville
I nominate HP,

They are OEMing to several of the listed companies on your list, have the only LTO drive shipping, there is another half height LTO announcing, NAS and SAN focus and they seem to have the most aggressive plans.

Bob Boerger, HP-Greeley
Hewlett Packard will be among the top storage systems and service providers in the next few years, as they have both te most compelling federated storage management strategy as well as the most complete technology mix and prodcut experties, from tapes to consolidated systems, from networking hardware to automated distributed systems management.

Hans Stork Director, Computer Systems and TechnoloI nominate Hewlett Packard as one of top 10 Storage provider for these reasons:

1. Complete comprehensive computing solutions 1-stop offering from big-iron to pc and printers.

2. Top tier hardware reliablity, one of the most respected technology company.

3. Consolidated, exceutable storage strategy in place.

4. Highly stable repectable company with solid financials and staying power to provide support long after the purchase.

KEN TANG, HP-Rosevillegy Lab,
I would like to nominate Hewlett-Packard as one of the top 10 storage companies in 2003.

HP already has a presence in the high end and mid range disk controller market.
HP has a strong position in high end and mid range servers.
HP has a strong position in the gigabit switched Ethernet network infrastructure.
HP has a strong presence in defining Storage over Ethernet and defining the iSCSI standard.
Look for HP to use it's ability to deliver end-to-end (server-infrastructure-storage) Storage over Ethernet solutions to move into the top 10 storage companies by 2003.

Of course I may be slightly biased.

Glenn Talbott Network Architect Hewlett-Packard Company Roseville CA
Dear Sirs:

I would like to nominate Hewlett-Packard's Storage Organization (NSSO) for your top ten list.

The reasons are simple:

1) We have the best enterprise hardware solution in the marketplace, bar none. Ask to see Gartner Group storage reports, DH Brown reports, and the Crossroads A list awards for the XP48, XP512, and XP256.

2) HP has aggressively targeted this market segment as one we want to win and has invested accordingly.

3) See the most recent IDC report (posted on the EMC website) where HP has moved up to Number 3 in total storage revenue.

4) HP will be the one to watch!

Wait and see what gets announced this year!

Ed Pavlinik Hewlett-Packard, Boise
Zsolt Kerekes & editors,

I would nominate HP as being #2 in the world in storage in two years.


1) Strategies. Nora Denzel has positioned HP to take advantage of emerging trends in storage technology. She has done so by structuring HP NSSO in a way that will capitalize on HP's investment in storage and the market trends that will drive the growth of storage. Specifically, network storage--in all its forms--will be the growth engine and that engine will say "HP Invent" all over it.

2) Technologies. The storage future two years out looks like--well, that's hard to predict. It will definitely include: iSCSI, SAN, NAS, and direct attach. What's more notable is that it will be storage attached heterogeneously in terms of hardware platform and software platform. HP is uniquely positioned to maximize these technologies across all platforms.

Why Not? The only reason HP would not be in the Top 10 is if it were subsumed by a bigger fish--and there aren't many bigger than HP. Additionally, HP doesn't look or smell like bait.

-david medberry, and yes, I work here at HP., (HP-Loveland)
Dear Megabyte

Please add Hewlett-Packard as one of the candidates in your top storage companies list. HP's installed base, range of industry-standard offerings, and commitment to customers and their evolving storage infrastructure are second to none, making them worthy of a place on this list.

Thank you in advance.

John Simpson, HP Storage Business Development Manager, Network Storage North America
Hey, Where is HP in your 10 storage companies?

Your list is woefully inadequate if you do not look at HP's present and future in this market space. Other research groups are aware of our presence and momentum in the market (check out the web site).

Jim Wichelman, NAS PGU Hewlett Packard
Are you kidding?

How can HP not be on your list?

Apparently you are not aware of the fact that in 2000 HP surpassed Sun, IBM, and Hitachi to take over the third position on the list of total RAID market share.

And what about HP's extensive line of tape drives, autoloaders, and libraries? You might want to consider contracting with a different research firm.

Check it out!

Best regards,

Mike Zortman, HP-Boise
Here is one vote for HP.

This is due to us marketing the highest speed disk array with no single points of failure.

Compare us to EMC on both the speed and single points of failure. The XP512 is our flagship product. We OEM the hardware and firmware from Hitachi so they have a similar hafrdware offering under their label. Our distinction in this area comes from the software currently available to monitor and manage the storage. Of course more software is in the making. Storage is not about just capacity and speed. The classic 'ilities are extremely important, reliability, availability, and manageability.

One more point is worth making, the value of data stored is often more valuable than the hardware it is sitting on. This even applies to home environments.

Hey, Where is HP in your 10 storage companies? Your list is woefully inadequate if you do not look at HP's present and future in this market space. Other research groups are aware of our presence and momentum in the market (check out the web site).

Jim Wichelman NAS PGU Hewlett Packard


With regard to your Top 10 storage companies by 2003 article at

I think it would be prudent to include HP!!

We are definitely on the move!!

Carlos Martinez, Product Manager, HP-Greeley

You show a valuable insight into the future of our market, but I think that you've overlooked the fact that HP will be No. 1.

I just thought that I ought to share this with you. Regards

Nick Courtney, HP Storage Employee, Roseville

There seems to have been a serious oversight with your prediction for "The 10 biggest storage companies in 2003". I would like to nominate HP as one of the top 10 in terms of storage revenue in 2003! I look forward to your next "prediction" when you have had a opportunity to more thoroughly research HP's wide array of storage product offerings! HP...

"As a premiere storage provider, we provide you with unparalleled choice of storage products. Regardless of how simple or demanding your storage needs are, we have the products and solutions to meet your needs."

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Karen Dorchak, HP-Roseville
I think you are overlooking HP.

Historically we have not made a lot of noise about it but our storage revenue is larger than several of the current companies on your list and we lead in a number of categories. H.M. Brown and Associates, Inc. just ranked us the #1 "overall storage solution" provider ahead of EMC, ahead of SUN and ahead of IBM!!

No one else offers the breadth of storage products and software that HP does - check it out, and I'm sure you'll agree that HP should be among the top 10.


Wayne Beverly, SAN Product Manager Network Storage North America
I read your analysis (on Squeak) of the storage winners for 2003 and I guess I was surprised HP didn't rate a mention.

As the number 3 storage supplier (behind EMC and Compaq) HP surely deserves consideration, especially as it climbed from #6 to #3 in a year when supposedly it would have issues after dropping its EMC based range!! Coupled with this, factors such as the ongoing technology inventions (DAT, LTO, MRAM etc.), one of the most complete open systems storage suites (D.H. Brown associates Jan '01).

Aside from this HP has always been one of the top storage suppliers and market-share/technology leader in a number of categories. The consolidation of storage, coupled with the dis-aggregation of storage from servers makes HP a contender in the open systems SAN arena (more so than some of the other proprietary players). You might also want to consider who will be the company supplying these Storage Service providers who figure highly in your analysis.

Thanks & Kind Regards

Ian Selway, HP Network Storage Solutions, Hewlett-Packard Australia Ltd

Upon reading the list of top 10 storage winners in 2003, I find a major player missing. HP is not even mentioned! Of course I am a little biased, but I am also exposed to HP products on a daily basis. It won't be long before HP is being mentioned not only with the storage leaders, but as THE storage leader. HP has a complete line of products that can only hope to be rivaled when other vendors team up (IBM/Compaq).

The HP storage solutions (my lab) are also going to have some of the SAN industry's best products available. Please do yourself a favor, make your list look like it was written by Nostradamus, and put HP on your 2003 top ten list.

Derek Seman Project Coordinator SNS, NSSO R&D Solutions Lab
I suspect that periodically you just like to infuriate Hewlett Packard employees and customers but the winner in 2003 is bound to be HP. So just add them to the list. I reference all of the recent literature that shows that HP storage is gaining market share faster than all competitors (check out the EMC website!)

The data on the EMC web site shows the total external RAID Market Share and HP has moved past Sun and IBM into 3rd place. Obviously EMC is in first place in that category but they also don't play in hosts of other storage markets that HP does. With Carly Fiorina rejuvenating HP and Nora Denzel accelerating the HP storage organisation, it is not a matter of if but when HP is number 1.

Look for all of the upcoming ads and literature covering all aspects of storage and HP's drive to lead it!

Dave Woito, HP-Boise
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