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IDEAS International - circa 2009

IDEAS is the leading global supplier of comparative intelligence on enterprise IT infrastructure. Servicing both IT vendors and large-scale IT users, IDEAS' products focus on: servers; storage; virtualization and consolidation; and software and infrastructure services. IDEAS online products are backed by expert industry analysts who can also deliver specialized advisory and consulting services.

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  • editor's comments:- I first came across IDEAS in the 1990s when they published a buyers guide with street pricing for servers.

    In August 2012 - IDEAS International was acquired by Gartner.
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"the SSD software market is getting ready for a world in which all enterprise data touches SSDs."
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Many SSD marketers I talk to nowadays regard the price per gigabyte of their latest product almost as a badge of honor. But it wasn't always like that. SSD pricing used to be a taboo subject.
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