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InClose Design

Since 1996, InClose has delivered a wide range of Enterprise class solutions in portable storage, connectivity and peripherals to businesses of all sizes; from small to fortune 500 businesses around the world. Delivering world-class quality and patented technology that enable users to achieve their business goals with confidence. Our unique removable data storage devices and patented cooling products, such as market leader BayCooler®, enable users to achieve their business goals with confidence. With its world headquarters in Silicon Valley and its primary manufacturing facility based in China, InClose offers an impressive array of products to suit a wide range of storage needs around the globe. Our 36,000 square foot operation enables InClose to provide customers globally with the high quality removable data storage and patented cooling devices.

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  • editor's note:- June 2003 - It looks like InClose no longer exists. This is from their homepage "For all sales and product support regarding InClose Design products, please visit SanMax Solutions"

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    Among other things InClose acquired Antares Microsystems in February 2001.

    Antares was the very first company to design independent SBus adapter cards for the SPARC compatible systems market. That was in 1989 - but by the time of the acquisition the independent Sun compatible market had collapsed.

    Due to changing market conditions for the enterprise storage market during the 2000-2003 IT Recession and less synergy than had been assumed InClose and Antares didn't stay merged for long.

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