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Levyx Inc. was founded in 2013with the vision of bringing the benefits of high-speed data processing to the masses. This is accomplished by fundamentally disrupting the economics of how large datasets get processed. No longer reserved for web-scale companies that have grown their datacenters to a massive scale, processing of large datasets has become much more affordable to enterprises of all sizes. The company's software technology allows enterprises to process hundreds of millions of queries per second on large datasets consisting tens of billions of records on commodity servers and at a fraction of the cost of other high-speed data processing approaches. Levyx's software is designed to integrate easily into any Big Data environments without impinging on the existing storage infrastructure. More information is available at
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"Continuing this evolution of cleaning up inefficient legacy abstractions has to address the FTL - the elephant in the room with regards abstractions, and one no longer necessary for many host systems."
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The size of the business opportunities represented by retiring and retiering DRAM have become apparent by analyzing the gains made possible by earlier generations of enterprise SSDs - in particular PCIe SSDs...
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OCZ and Levyx aim to shrink server-counts and DRAM in real-time big data analytics
Editor:- February 10, 2015 - OCZ and Levyx today announced a technological collaboration whereby the 2 companies will develop and validate a new type of flash as DRAM solution which will be positioned as a competitive alternative to DRAM rich server arrays used in many big-data real-time analytics environments.

“As demand for immediate I/O responses in Big Data environments continues to increase, our ultra-low latency software paired with high-performance SSDs represent a better and more cost-effective alternative to traditional scale-out architectures that rely heavily on DRAM-constrained systems,” said Dr. Reza Sadri, CEO and co-Founder of Levyx Inc. “We are pleased to work with OCZ on this new usage model as our technology is specifically designed to leverage the latest in advanced SSD technologies and we’ll utilize the Z-Drive 4500 (PCIe SSD) to deliver the enhanced performance that helps validate our technology.”