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M5 Data

M5 Data is based in Wells, Somerset in the UK. The Richmond Ultra-D range is the product of a team that has a proven, internationally acknowledged pedigree, having successfully delivered several generations of world class tape drive and library products to the OEM market place. M5's new tape library is innovative and practical and reflects the needs of the mid range near-line storage market where density, scalability and cost effectiveness are key. For further information, please contact Eric Lowe. eric.lowe@m5data.com or +44 1749 683800

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  • editor's note:- October 2006 - this is substantially the same team which led M4 Data - acquired in Feb 2001 - by Quantum. (M4 Data had an installed base of over 40,000 units at the time.)

    M5 Data is entering the tape library market at a time when most other vendors are merging or making plans to exit. In an exclusive interview I learned that the company plans to focus on doing high density tape libraries well (as part of a whole storage solution) and not to get sidetracked into proprietary backup software, disk to disk backup and other avenues which have drained the resources away for many other tape companies.

    ...Later:- I was right to be skeptical about the prospects for this company entering a market which was already in its death spiral. When I looked at the company's web site in March 2011 - they still offer tape systems and design services - but they're also marketing their HQ location as well.
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