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MEN Mikro Elektronik was founded in Nuremberg in 1982, and currently employs 75 people. The company is known for its 3U and 6U VMEbus and CompactPCI solutions for extreme environments and also as the inventor of the M-Module and the PC•MIP mezzanine I/O standards. MEN offers standard and customised solutions for board-level and turn-key industrial real-time and embedded computer systems. The company's products are used in industries as diverse as automotive, machinery, medical, chemical, military, aerospace and transportation. MEN's complete product range may be specified for operation in a -40..+85°C temperature range and further qualification and testing is done for shock, vibration, humidity and isolation etc. Standard and custom qualification procedures are carried out to achieve CE, TÜV, GL, UL etc. approvals or to meet individual customer requirements.

Military storage - Killerbyte
Military Storage on
If Megabyte got into serious trouble he
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Testing Storage Solutions - article by Extreme Protocol
Testing Storage Solutions - article by Extreme Protocol Solutions

In the data storage industry, testing is generally considered a neccessary evil in bringing a product to market and as a result often companies will do the bare minimum neccessary in order to cross the item off its checklist. This article by Roger Gagnon President / CEO Extreme Protocol Solutions attempts to explain why testing is so important to product validation and also to provide a concise methodology to testing. the article, ...Extreme Protocol Solutions profile, Storage Testers

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