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Extreme Protocol Solutions

Extreme Protocol Solutions develops, manufactures, and markets software and hardware solutions to test Fibre Channel, SCSI, iSCSI, SAS, ATA and SATA peripherals. Our products are used by all major storage manufacturers, system integrators and OEM's. With unrivaled functionality, innovation, and ease of use, we stand apart from our competition. From engineering or manufacturing to field service our solutions are geared towards rapid test development and execution with minimal learning curve and maximum functionality. Our mission is simple: provide the highest quality products, the fastest technical support turn-around and maintain highest levels of customer satisfaction. We are exceedingly proud of our products and our service and hope that as a customer you will find both to be of the highest quality.

  • editor's comments:- November 2011 - EPS has been in the test market for over 10 years.

    Back in 2005 - when still wrote about other topics in the storage market and not just about SSDs - EPS advertised their storage protocol software here.

    Extreme Protocol Solutions offer a bunch of tools and services which can help oems get their products to market quickly - from testing the compatibility of protocols up to and including generating performance slides for your product launch ppt presentations and training too.

    The company also provides services such as bulk data erasure on and off site too.

    In July 2011 - EPS joined the National Association for Information Destruction.

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