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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.-October 13, 2000 - 3ware® Inc., a pioneer of innovative storage solutions, announced today a RAID solution kit for enterprise-class storage systems that feature Maxtor™, high-performance DiamondMax® Plus hard drives. The Ultra ATA/100 Maxtor hard drives will complement 3ware's Escalade™ RAID controller to provide next-generation storage solutions to the global enterprise market. The new solution will include 3ware's Escalade™ 6000 Series RAID controllers, and Maxtor's DiamondMax™ Plus 7200 RPM high-capacity IDE disk drives. It will provide a high-performance Ultra ATA RAID alternative to traditional SCSI RAID technologies.

"The 3ware/Maxtor RAID solution is an ideal Ultra ATA combination for performance and capacity in enterprise environments," said Mike Cordano, vice president of worldwide sales at Maxtor. "We continue to see increased interest in our DiamondMax Plus drives from enterprise- class customers due to the advantages of our drive capacity and IDE's cost and simplicity. ATA solutions also satisfy today's demand for around-the-clock accessibility to data and can take advantage of new economies of scale." ...3ware profile

Canoga Park, California – October 12, 2000 – Qualstar Corporation today announced that production shipments of its TLS-412600 and TLS-412300 Tape Libraries have begun. The TLS-412600 and its companion TLS-412300 can house up to twelve tape drives and either 600 or 300 data cartridges. As IT groups deal with exploding data storage requirements, storage density is one of the key factors in product selection. These models require barely five square feet of floor space, offering some of the highest density storage in the industry.

"These new libraries enable us to offer very cost-effective storage solutions for enterprise-class customers," said Bob Covey, Qualstar vice president of marketing. "They extend the benefits of our technology to meet the demands of larger organizations."

The TLS-412600 and TLS-412300 are the latest additions to Qualstar's widely respected TLS-4000 Tape Library Family, which includes twelve models offering capacities from 300 gigabytes (native) to over 78 terabytes using data compression. Aggregate data transfer rates can exceed 1.2 terabytes per hour. Both new models can be configured with dual SANSmart™ Fibre Channel technology to support the latest LAN-free and serverless backup applications. The TLS-412300 can be expanded in the field to the TLS-412600's full 600-tape capacity in less than an hour. The TLS-4000 Tape Library Family supports three popular tape formats, including Sony AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape), Exabyte M2, and Ecrix VXA. ...Qualstar profile

St. Paul, MN October 11, 2000 - SBS Technologies, Inc., Computer Group today announced fifteen new high-throughput, low-latency host bus adapters (HBAs). The new boards are the latest addition to SBS' family of 1 Gbit/sec, 64-bit/66 MHz PCI, CompactPCI and PCI mezzanine card (PMC) Fibre Channel interface boards. Designers now have a choice of twenty-one boards that offer a wide range of media support and port configuration options, including peer-to-peer connectivity and dual media for design flexibility. SBS' Fibre Channel HBAs are used as high-speed communications interfaces for servers, workstations and embedded computers in real-time networking and storage area network (SAN) applications.

"By incorporating RemoteDMA and small computer system interface (SCSI) target protocols, and an integrated three-port hub for dual-port HBAs with industry-standard technology, we have made our HBAs the highest performance Fibre Channel interfaces available," said David Greig, Computer Group vice president, SBS Technologies, Inc. "Our end-user markets demand exceptional performance and exceptional flexibility. These new Fibre Channel products offer a breadth of options to the embedded market from a single source."

All SBS Fiber Channel HBAs include software drivers for Solaris, Linux, Windows NT, VxWorks, and LynxOS. Pricing and Availability The new SBS HBAs will be available in the Q4 2000. Prices start at $985.00 in U.S. dollars for the PCI single copper port HBA. ...SBS Technologies profile

Hopkinton, MA - Wednesday, October 11, 2000 EMC Corporation, today announced immediate availability of the EMC Fastrax™ data movement platform. An integrated member of EMC's storage infrastructure, EMC E-Infostructure™, EMC Fastrax performs the resource-intensive movement of backup and recovery data between EMC Symmetrix® Enterprise Storage systems and industry standard tape libraries. The new Fastrax platform combines EMC and third-party software, open application programming interfaces (APIs) and data movement hardware. Fastrax enables customers using the HP OpenView OmniBack II backup/recovery application to leverage their existing investments in backup software, human resources and operating procedures.

Customers are facing technology choices to address the elimination of the backup window and the need for rapid data recovery. Disk-based solutions such as EMC TimeFinder™ and Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF™) enable non-disruptive backups along with virtually instant data recovery. Traditional tape backup implementations facilitate non-disruptive backups, however, lack the robust capabilities for rapid data recovery. Fastrax fills the void by delivering the non-disruptive backup features of disk and tape solutions while providing faster data recovery times when compared with traditional tape backup offerings. EMC customers are able to choose between disk-based solutions, tape-based solutions or a combination of the two depending on their data recovery objectives. Customers can implement TimeFinder, SRDF, EMC Data Manager (EDM™), Fastrax or integrated combinations of the above to meet their needs for instant recovery of data and to backup and restore less-critical information at high speeds.

Jack Garrahan, EMC's Vice President of Global Marketing, said, "We're in the midst of a content Big Bang. The resulting demand for optimal performance and non-stop information availability continues to surge, and with it comes new levels of information management complexity. Fastrax changes the rules for enterprise backup and recovery, and helps customers address these issues head-on with an infrastructure for the requirements of today and tomorrow."

"As an enabling technology, Fastrax helps EMC customers more efficiently exploit existing investments in backup and recovery infrastructure," said John Webster, Analyst and IT Advisor, Illuminata. "Fastrax adds high performance backup to the process without introducing complexity or disruption to business operations." Fastrax serves as an "outboard engine" that offloads network- and server-consuming movement of backup data from the production environment. The combined strength of Fastrax and integrated backup application software enables backups of data which can include complete databases as well as individual user-level objects, such as database indices and files.

Fastrax eliminates the need for customers to purchase large, expensive backup servers to manage tape drives. Fastrax reduces the backup server's role to command and control purposes only, resulting in the need for smaller and fewer backup servers and eliminating the need for constant software installation, server maintenance and management costs. ...EMC profile

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ, OCTOBER 11, 2000 - INRANGE Technologies announced today that IBM will resell INRANGE's IN-VSN™ FC/9000 Fibre Channel Director for IBM eServer* z900 FICON™ networks as well as Open Systems Fibre Channel Storage Area Networks (SANs). The general availability of the FC/9000 from IBM has been set for December 8, 2000. The 64-port FC/9000 is the industry's highest capacity fibre channel director. It is part of the IN-VSN family of Virtual Storage Networking solutions, which lays the infrastructure for building large-scale storage networks that can be extended globally. ...INRANGE Technologies profile

PALO ALTO, Calif. - October 11, 2000 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced the availability of new-generation 73-gigabyte (GB) disk drives in its flagship Sun StorEdge[tm] T3 array for the Enterprise. With scalability from 1.3 to 169 terabytes (TBs) and full-redundancy including mirrored cache, this high-availability array is well-suited to meet the enormous scalability requirements of the Net economy. Sun also announced ramped-up production and expedited delivery of the Sun StorEdge T3 array to meet increasing customer demand.

In a related announcement Seagate confirmed that it's their high-performance 10,000 RPM Cheetah disc drive family which was selected by Sun for this T3 array variant. Seagate Cheetahs are available in a range of capacities from 9 GB to 73 GB, with interface choices including Ultra160 SCSI and 2-Gbit Fibre Channel.

Sun says it has designed the Sun StorEdge T3 array for the Enterprise for continuous availability. The system incorporates device-level redundancy and built-in reliability, availability and serviceability features. For easy manageability, the Sun StorEdge T3 array includes Sun StorEdge[tm] Component Manager software, a next-generation storage management tool for centralized management of distributed networks. The Sun StorEdge T3 array for the Enterprise is now shipping with up to 5.2 TBs within a standard cabinet and up to 169 TBs per Sun Enterprise[tm] 10,000 server. The Sun StorEdge T3 array for the Enterprise is list priced at $150,890 for a 1.3-TB configuration, while a 5.2-TB configuration is list priced at $603,550. ...Seagate profile, ...Sun profile

Howell, NJ - October 11, 2000 - SYRED Data Systems announced the introduction of SANDISK™, the world's first SAN operating over Gigabit Ethernet. The SAN over Gigabit Ethernet solution will provide network-attached devices such as workstations and servers with unparalleled performance and scalability. SANDISK™ will be available for evaluation in November 2000. SANDISK™ is a powerful, intelligent, and extremely fast network infrastructure device incorporating key components to make a single integrated, reliable, plug-and-play appliance that builds and manages a shared data storage network. This SAN appliance offers multiple Gigabit Ethernet connections.

SANDISK™ implements a shared file system so that all attached systems can simultaneously access the same volume, even in a SAN environment with multiple types of systems. SANDISK™ is an enterprise storage management solution with the critical performance advantage of isolating data-backup, one of the most resource-intensive, storage management processes. SANDISK™ eliminates the requirement for file servers, which are often performance-reducing bottlenecks single points of failure. Users are provided with managed, shared and high-speed data access. SANDISK™ also overcomes the limitations of current Fibre Channel SANs, which do not provide data access and management services simultaneously to multiple servers, and which limit data sharing. In a Fibre Channel SAN each server has its own dedicated logical device that is not shared with other servers, therefore the file system within each server becomes that server's limiting factor. Each server owns a portion of the disk and cannot access data on another server. This becomes increasingly complex when heterogeneous servers are introduced into the network environment.

SANDISK™, powered by the Syred SAN operating system (SS-OS), offers a 64-bit shared file system that overrides traditional file system limits. It supports files of up to nine TeraBytes. SS-OS is a clustered file system offering a true data sharing environment over heterogeneous hosts. Disks and volumes are shared over the SAN. With SANDISK™, Syred is targeting the low to mid-tier market which is unwilling to make a costly investment in a Fibre Channel network infrastructure likely to have product incompatibility issues. The Syred SANDISK™ customer will be able to take advantage of existing and proven Gigabit Ethernet technology for optimal SAN performance. ...SYRED Data Systems profile

Editor's note:- see also Gigabit Ethernet Adapters for Sun

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Oct. 10, 2000 - TrueSAN Networks today unveiled its Paladin™ Storage Network System - marking a revolutionary breakthrough in storage architecture that combines a modular and massively scalable storage foundation with intelligent storage network management software and flexible connectivity options. The solution debuted at the Fibre Channel Technologies Conference & Expo held in San Jose, Calif. this week. With Paladin, TrueSAN developed a unique architecture for storage that advances bandwidth and scalability well beyond that of today's highest-end systems. Whereas current systems use a monolithic bus-based storage controller that restricts performance and capacity, Paladin features a distributed and parallel design that breaks through current technology barriers. At the core of the Paladin system is TrueSAN's powerful MetaFabric™ architecture, an embedded subsystem that delivers up to 128Gb/sec of non-blocking bandwidth and up to 50TB of storage capacity on a single system. Furthermore, Paladin's modular design enables the user to grow the storage infrastructure, as required, without the prohibitive upfront cost of traditional systems.

The Paladin architecture consists of three primary components: Foundation, Connectivity, and Intelligence. The foundation is based on a pool of high-performance fibre channel disk storage modules with embedded hardware RAID functionality interconnected through the MetaFabric™ subsystem. Storage modules are available in increments of 200GB, 400GB and 800GB with 512MB of cache and 2Gb/sec of bandwidth per module. The Paladin Storage Network System is scalable to 50TB of storage capacity, 32GB of cache, and 128Gb/sec of bandwidth. With its modular design and embedded fabric architecture, users can add storage on-the-fly without downtime, even to existing volumes. In addition, Paladin incorporates storage virtualization, snapshot copy, and active resource management as standard features. Paladin offers a multitude of flexible connectivity options, including fibre channel, ATM and WDM optical networking, making it the ideal universal storage platform, seamlessly accessible over local-, metro- and wide-area networks. Applications, such as remote replication, citywide storage networks, and IP access to storage, now can be delivered with ease. Pricing and Availability Paladin™ is available immediately and pricing begins at $88,000. ...TrueSAN Networks profile

SCOTTS VALLEY, CA — 10 October 2000 — Seagate Technology, Inc. (NYSE:SEG) today reported revenue of $1.748 billion, pro forma net income of $62 million and pro forma diluted net income per share of $0.26 for its quarter ended September 29, 2000. For the same period, on a GAAP basis, Seagate reported net income of $75 million and diluted net income per share of $0.31. The primary items included in GAAP net income but excluded from pro forma results were gains on sales of certain investments in equity securities including SanDisk Corporation and Veeco Instruments, Inc., all items related to the Company's investment in Veritas Software Corporation ("Veritas"), and restructuring charges. ...Seagate Technology profile

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn., October 10, 2000 -- XIOtech® Corporation today announced that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Statistics of Income Division has chosen the XIOtech MAGNITUDE SAN server to provide continuous access to more than two terabytes of image files which are created for Exempt Form 990 Tax Returns. The MAGNITUDE SAN server was evaluated along with storage options from other companies. The MAGNITUDE was chosen for this project primarily because it offered a level of configuration flexibility that was unavailable from other SAN servers and storage technologies.

The MAGNITUDE can increase IT productivity because of its inherent flexibility. XIOtech's one-of-a-kind virtualization technology enables the IRS division to assign different types of data to different virtual drives and allows the data to be striped over all of the physical disk drives within the SAN -- giving the IRS control over where and how its data is stored. Virtualization will allow IRS administrators to add, remove, expand or move storage volumes with a few simple keystrokes. Further, virtualization enables heterogeneous servers to access and share the same storage volumes. Though the Division will initially use the MAGNITUDE with several of its Windows NT servers, it plans to eventually add its UNIX servers to the same SAN.

The MAGNITUDE is also expected to improve customer satisfaction because of the IRS Division's new ability to provide continuous access to its image files. By moving the image data from optical disk where it is currently stored to the XIOtech MAGNITUDE, availability will improve dramatically. XIOtech's SAN technology gives users complete access to their data all of the time, and because of the MAGNITUDE's virtualized architecture, storage configuration can be done online and drive capacity can be added on-the-fly as the Division's image file database grows.

"More and more government organizations and private sector corporations are including XIOtech in their SAN evaluation process, and we are winning accounts over competitors like EMC, Compaq and IBM often because of the benefits that storage virtualization can bring to an IT department," said Dick Blaschke, executive vice president of marketing at XIOtech. "Whether their goal is configuration flexibility, scalability, protecting their current IT investments or something else, customers can expect great returns on their XIOtech SAN because we are the only vendor with a truly virtualized architecture." ...XIOtech profile

Editor's note:- "storage virtualization" is something that's cropped up in several news items recently. If someone would like to write a white paper about this subject, and the performance cost/benefits we'd be happy to run it on STORAGEsearch.

AUSTIN, Texas—October 9, 2000—Tivoli Systems Inc. announced today Tivoli Storage Network Manager, a comprehensive, open systems approach to managing a SAN. With Tivoli Storage Network Manager, businesses can now streamline SAN deployment and management tasks with one comprehensive solution package.

The Tivoli Storage Network Manager simplifies the complexity of managing information across the multiple platform and operating environments typical in a SAN, enabling customers to leverage best-of-breed technology to gain competitive advantage. Policy-based automation and expansion capabilities help customers insure availability of mission-critical applications thereby providing higher storage resource utilization for maximum benefit to the customer's storage investment. Tivoli Storage Network Manager is built upon a highly scalable architecture and ANSI T11 FC-MI discovery and management standards, making it easy to grow with the business to deploy and manage a small SAN or a very large, complex SAN infrastructure. Key Features:
  • SAN Topology Discovery—Assists SAN infrastructure maintenance by providing improved availability of the SAN and continuous access to data for application processing to help ensure maximum application uptime.
  • Resource Allocation—Provides a simple, secure method for identifying and allocating of heterogeneous disk resources to host systems across the SAN.
  • Disk Resource Automation—Reduces administrative workload by enabling the application of monitoring policies to allow for automated task execution to add and extend needed disk resources across the SAN.
  • Continuous SAN Component Monitoring—Gathers and stores relevant SAN infrastructure performance, capacity and activity data to assist administrators in making decisions for SAN growth and stability.

Tivoli Ready™ Business Partners Several Tivoli Ready Business Partners are working to extend the capabilities of Tivoli Storage Network Manager to customers by providing integrated tools and products. Crossroads Systems, INRANGE Technologies, McDATA, Pathlight, Qlogic, and Emulex are currently working with the Tivoli Ready certification lab and plan to announce integrated solutions in Q4 2000. All seven companies are developing third-party products that will meet the standards set forth in Tivoli Storage Network Manager and will offer easier and faster deployment times to Tivoli customers. ...Tivoli profile

Mountain View, CA, October 9, 2000 - Legato Systems, Inc. today announced that it has signed a Technical Support Agreement (TSA) with Siemens IT Service. The TSA is a worldwide, non-exclusive agreement to provide first class technical support for all Legato products. The agreement is especially intended to provide best-in-class service for customers of Fujitsu Siemens Computers, the leading European IT company. Legato selected Siemens IT Service because of its worldwide presence and its ability to provide support and maintenance to end-users internationally. Legato will provide Siemens IT Service with technical training to ensure ease of installation and integration and with access to Legato's engineering group. Siemens IT Service will be one of Legato's preferred service partners. ...Legato Systems profile, ...Siemens IT Service profile

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