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3ware - circa 2003

Founded in 1997, 3ware, Inc., the technology leader in high-capacity ATA and Serial ATA (SATA) RAID storage solutions, delivers reliable, enterprise class RAID storage using low cost (S)ATA drives. 3ware's StorSwitch™ architecture applies network packet switching to storage controllers, eliminating the bottleneck found in traditional storage architectures. 3ware solutions are designed to meet the explosive demand for costeffective, scalable storage, driven by high-capacity enterprise applications. 3ware sells through VARs, OEMs and System Integrators. 3Ware, Inc. is located in Sunnyvale, California with sales offices and distribution in the USA, Europe and Japan. 3ware is on the Web at

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  • Editor's comments:- in March 2004 - AMCC acquired 3ware, Inc.

    AMCC advertised 3ware's HBAs here on for many years upto the early part of 2009.

    In April 2009 - LSI announced a definitive agreement to acquire the assets and certain associated intellectual property of the 3ware RAID adapter business of AMCC for approximately $20 million in cash.
AMCC ad from 2006

above - AMCC ad image from 2006
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