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COLORADO SPRINGS, Oct. 20, 2000 - Storage Solutions Specialists, Inc. (SSSI) rolled out the first of the new K-Series STORServer® backup appliance boxes from its manufacturing facilities in Colorado Springs. The K-Series systems represent a new line of integrated backup, archive and disaster recovery solutions from the company that has specialized in software and hardware solutions in the backup arena since 1994. The STORServer offers an appliance approach to backup, integrating a backup server, tape library, backup software, disk cache and operator display, into one footprint. The single cabinet architecture of the STORServer K Series reduces cabling and connectivity to a power plug, modem, and network cable.

"The K-Series reduces complex installation of an enterprise backup solution to plug and play," said John Sorensen, VP of Manufacturing for SSSI, who drove the design and production of the new offering. "Customers only need to load client software on their LAN, WAN, NAS or SAN computers in their environment that they want to backup or archive, and the STORServer backs them up - using any backup interval defined by the user, for the entire file system down to individual files. This is backup without the babysitting."

Published list pricing and customer data numbers for the K-Series models include:

STORServer 10 (file server that backs up its own 35-70 Gig) - $25,400
STORServer 1000A - 70 to 280 Gig - $28,400
STORServer 1000 - 100 to 400 Gig - $42,700
STORServer 2000 - 200 Gig to 1.6 Tbytes - $60,300
STORServer 3000 - 300 Gig to 2.4 Tbytes - $105,650
STORServer 4000 - 900 Gig to 7.2 Tbytes - $157,900
STORServer 5000 - 1.5 to 12 Tbytes - $226,650
...SSSI profile

ALISO VIEJO, Calif., Oct. 19, 2000 - QLogic Corp. announced today the integration of QLogic's QLA2200 Series Fibre Channel host adapters into Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. (TAIS), Computer Systems Group's (CSG) Magnia series of servers with direct attach storage subsystems. The intuitive QLA2200 Series enhances Toshiba's server and storage products, offering extensive OS driver and SAN management software support, as well as simultaneous host and target mode support with linear performance and scalability.

"QLogic's Fibre Channel host adapters provide strong performance and allow us to deliver increased storage connectivity solutions to our corporate customers," said Steve Andler, vice president, marketing, Toshiba CSG. "By incorporating QLogic's QLA2200 series into our reliable and performance-driven Magnia product lines we have expanded our feature sets, providing customers with increased connectivity and availability."

QLogic SAN connectivity products control the flow of data between storage systems, tape libraries and network servers. QLogic's QLA2200 Series host adapters are leading solutions for Fibre Channel, the crucial technology that makes large data centers possible. By moving data at rates of up to a gigabit per second to hundreds of storage devices across distances up to 20 kilometers, fibre channel unleashes the power of SANs.

The Magnia ESA4000 was introduced in Q3 '00 and is the first in a series of direct-attach, external storage array subsystems from Toshiba targeted at medium to large businesses. ...QLogic profile, ...Toshiba profile

BETHESDA, Md., October 19, 2000 – OTG Software, Inc. today announced record revenues and improved net income for the quarter ended September 30, 2000. Revenues for the third quarter of 2000 rose to $12.1 million, representing an 83% increase from revenues of $6.6 million in the third quarter of 1999. Sequentially, third quarter of 2000 revenues increased 26% from the second quarter of 2000. Software license revenues for the third quarter of 2000 advanced to $9.3 million, up approximately 82% from the year-ago quarter and 33% sequentially. Revenues from services increased to $2.8 million in the most recent quarter, up 87% from the year-ago quarter and 8% sequentially. Fueled by this growth, year-to-date revenues were up 70% compared with the same period last year, with product license revenues up 80% and service revenues up 45% for the comparable periods. Excluding $208,000 in purchase accounting adjustments related to the acquisition of xVault, Inc. earlier this year, OTG's operating income for the third quarter of 2000 was $2.1 million, more than $1 million greater than any previous quarter in the company's history.

"This was our strongest quarter ever," said Richard Kay, chairman and CEO of OTG. "We've continued to achieve our goal of profitable growth and have boosted revenues substantially. Equally important, we delivered our new SANXtender product on schedule and continue to leverage our core technologies to grow into new areas. The growth of enterprise data – and the increasing need to have access to that data – continues to fuel our growth. "In addition," Kay continued, "we have a blue-chip list of partners and an expanding domestic and international sales channel. With our recent introductions of EmailXtender,, and now SANXtender, OTG is even better positioned to capitalize on the market opportunities ahead of us." ...OTG Software profile

DALLAS, Texas, October 19, 2000 - Interphase Corporation today reported financial results for its third quarter 2000. Revenues for the third quarter were $13.3 million versus $20.5 million in the prior year's quarter. Net income was $373,000, or $.06 per share, versus $1,278,000, or $.20 per share in the prior year. For the nine months ended September 30, 2000, net profits are up from the prior year. Interphase recorded revenues of $40.2 million, compared with revenues of $55.3 million during the first nine months of 1999. The company reported net income of $2,363,000 or $.38 per share for the nine-month period during 2000, compared with net income of $2,222,000, or $.37 per share, for the first nine months of 1999.

"While net income and earnings per share have increased over 1999 results, our revenue is down from the prior year's third quarter," said Steve Kovac, Interphase Chief Financial Officer. "The third quarter of 1999 was a historical high for Interphase, when a single customer accounted for over 50% of the Company's revenues. In 2000, the revenue and customer base has been diversified, thus reducing our dependence on a single customer. Revenues from other customers grew 31% from the 1999 third quarter."

"In the third quarter we began shipping our new family of Fibre Channel HBA products, and landed our first major new OEM account. In addition, key equipment providers designing next generation Internet and wireless communication systems have embraced our Broadband telecommunication controllers with overwhelming enthusiasm. We have delivered our twelfth straight profitable quarter while continuing to build the foundation of our future," said Greg Kalush, Interphase president and CEO. ...Interphase profile

ANAHEIM, Calif., October 18, 2000 - MTI Technology Corp. and Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. today announced a strategic OEM partnership between the two companies for the next generation of MTI SAN solutions. MTI will incorporate Brocade-branded SilkWorm® 2040 and 2800 Fibre Channel fabric switches for new SAN-friendly high performance, reliable and scalable storage solutions for enterprise-wide use. MTI expects to ship its first Brocade-based, SAN solutions within the next few months.

Brocade Fibre Channel fabric switches provide the world's leading networking foundation for SANs. Using Brocade SilkWorm switches, customers can connect servers with storage devices through a storage area network, creating a highly reliable and scalable environment for storage applications. MTI's Vivant solutions meet customers' most critical information management needs, providing rapid, reliable access to stored data, compatibility with multiple operating systems and applications, tools to manage ever increasing amounts of stored data and 24-hour on-site service. MTI's customers require continuous access to their online information. Combining Brocade products with the Vivant solutions improves SAN connectivity.

"Brocade is pleased to partner with MTI to further expand the options for customers of open, heterogeneous SANs," said Jack Cuthbert, Brocade vice president of Worldwide Marketing. "By bringing a networking model to storage, Brocade, together with its leading partners, will enable companies to significantly reduce the total cost of storage ownership, consolidate servers and storage, and deliver advanced storage management applications, such as LAN-free backup and remote data replication, in a highly available environment." ...Brocade profile, ...MTI profile

CARLSBAD, Calif.- Oct. 18, 2000 - Dot Hill Systems Corp has signed a reseller agreement with VERITAS Software Corp. As an authorized VERITAS® Software reseller, Dot Hill enhances its capability as a one-stop resource for complete storage systems across North America. Dot Hill's commitment to training its personnel on the VERITAS Software product line helped to qualify the company as a VERITAS Vplus Solutions Provider. The combination of Dot Hill's highly reliable "carrier-class" storage infrastructure with powerful software from industry leader VERITAS Software offers complete storage solutions that include applications such as backup, clustering and replication. ...Dot Hill profile, ...VERITAS profile

October 18, 2000 - EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) today reported sharply accelerated revenue growth and a 55% increase in net income for the third quarter of 2000. Total storage revenue for the third quarter grew 47% compared with the third quarter of 1999 to $2.14 billion, marking EMC's highest rate of storage revenue growth in more than five years. This accelerated growth was achieved by strong performance across all major product areas, including 61% year-to-year growth in enterprise storage software revenue, 43% year-to-year growth in enterprise storage systems revenue, and 40% year-to-year growth in midrange storage revenue. Storage-related revenue represented 94% of EMC's total consolidated revenue during the third quarter.

Mike Ruettgers, EMC's Chief Executive Officer, said, "We saw excellent growth in all major geographies, led by the Asia Pacific region, where storage revenues grew 130% year-over-year. Storage revenues grew 62% year-to-year in Latin America, 41% in North America, and 39% in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). We undoubtedly gained market share again during the quarter, not only in the overall market for storage but also in each of the market segments we have identified as EMC priorities."

The networking of storage continued to be a major growth driver during the quarter. SAN (storage area network) revenue was $480 million in the third quarter, up nearly fivefold compared with the year-ago quarter, as EMC extended its market lead in this rapidly growing area with the widespread acceptance of the EMC Enterprise Storage Network (ESN). Revenue from network-attached storage (NAS) nearly tripled from last year's third quarter to $133 million, as EMC continues to be the fastest-growing participant in this segment on the strength of its Celerra File Server, the leading enterprise-class NAS connectivity solution. Revenue from EMC CLARiiON midrange storage increased 40% to $165 million, the best quarter in CLARiiON's history. EMC's balance sheet also continued to strengthen, with cash and investments increasing to $4.45 billion at the end of the quarter. ...EMC profile

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.- October 17, 2000 - VERITAS Software Corporation today announced the availability of VERITAS SANPoint ControlTM Version 1.0, a tool designed to simplify and centralize the management of multivendor SANs. With the collaboration of leading host bus adapter vendors and switch and storage systems vendors, VERITAS Software has delivered to market VERITAS SANPoint Control Version 1.0 to solve the early needs of its customers deploying heterogeneous SANs. VERITAS Software has worked closely with its partners to ensure closely coordinated availability of advanced hardware and software elements from each of the SAN device vendors, as well as unique distribution arrangements to further broaden the delivery of VERITAS SANPoint Control to SAN customers.

The VERITAS V³TM SAN Initiative, VERITAS SANPoint Control and its associated components, have received endorsements by a number of major industry partners. In addition, the initiative is based on, and will evolve with, emerging storage networking standards. VERITAS Software is an active participant in a number of standards groups, including the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), the Fibre Alliance, the Jiro platform expert group and the Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA).

Brocade – VERITAS SANPoint Control provides advanced zoning capabilities with Brocade switches including an extension to manage the advanced services in Brocade Fabric OS and future releases of Silkworm switches. Brocade has timed the availability of its 2.2 OS closely with version 1.0 of VERITAS SANPoint Control. In addition, the Company has signed an agreement to bundle a 60-day evaluation copy of VERITAS SANPoint Control with every Brocade switch. ...Brocade profile

Emulex – VERITAS Software and Emulex work together to ensure that advanced fibre channel features used in VERITAS SANPoint Control are transparently implemented into Emulex's host adapters resulting in advanced discovery and management capabilities. Emulex's new drivers provide support for VERITAS SANPoint Control in Sun Solaris and Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000 environments. ...Emulex profile

Hitachi Data Systems – VERITAS and Hitachi Data Systems have partnered to engineer technology for advanced SAN management application in Hitachi environments, to include support for the 5800, 7700 and 9900 arrays, in v1.0 and future versions of VERITAS SANPoint Control. Hitachi will also distribute a 60-day evaluation copy of VERITAS SANPoint Control. ...Hitachi Data Systems profile

JNI – JNI, offering a broad line of HBAs, ASICs and software for SANs, supports VERITAS SANPoint Control to develop enterprise-level products that diversely support various platforms. ...JNI profile

McDATA – VERITAS SANPoint Control will integrate with McDATA's Enterprise Fabric Connectivity (EFC) Manager to provide system administrators with a single interface to monitor the fabric-wide SAN topology, including servers and storage devices. ...McDATA profile

QLogic – The Company will co-market and distribute VERITAS SANPoint Control and ship an evaluation copy with all QLogic Fibre Channel switches and host adapters. In addition, VERITAS Software and QLogic plan to collaborate for the next level of integration between VERITAS SANPoint Control and QLogic HBAs and switches. ...QLogic profile

Sun – Sun announced an agreement to integrate VERITAS V³ SAN Access LayerTM , now the foundation of Sun's management offerings, with the Jiro Technology-based Sun StorEdge management console. ...Sun profile

The VERITAS V³ SAN Initiative is an ongoing SAN virtualization technology program that delivers critical new software technology to fully exploit the rapidly growing SAN infrastructure. This initiative enables VERTAS Software and its partners to evolve existing data availability products to take advantage of new SAN capabilities and create new types of SAN applications. VERITAS V³ technologies, such as the V³ SAN Access Layer, will continue to be integrated into VERITAS Software products and licensed to strategic partners to provide customers with a wide range of SAN-virtualization solutions. Virtualized SAN management dramatically reduces the cost and overhead involved in managing consistently growing amounts of data, expanding enterprises and developing technologies. ...VERITAS profile

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 17 - Connex today announced that a free trial of its SANavigator(TM) software.

"This free 30-day trial gives potential SANavigator users the ability to try the software in their own environment, and to better understand our innovative approach to simplifying heterogeneous SAN management," said Robert Wright, Connex Vice President of Software Engineering.

SANavigator automatically discovers every device attached to a storage network, including both SAN and NAS resources. The SANmap(TM) component of SANavigator then presents an intuitive visual map of the SAN showing all devices and their interconnections. This visual map makes it an easy task for an IT manager to review and analyze port utilization and both physical and logical data paths. The user can then simply select any mapped device to create or modify the data path, allowing a manager to establish new data path zoning, create redundant paths and other management routines, completing with just a few mouse clicks a process that previously took several hours. Device-specific control software can be launched simply by clicking the device icon. SANmap provides a real-time display of the entire SAN topology. As new devices are added to the SAN, they show up automatically in the display with no changes required to the software or configurations. Network managers gain immediate access to all properties of the new device. ...Connex profile

Sunnyvale, Calif. - October 17, 2000 – Marvell Technology Group Ltd. and Galileo Technology Ltd. today announced that their boards of directors have unanimously approved a definitive agreement under which Galileo will merge with Marvell. The transaction is valued at approximately $2.7 billion, based on Marvell's October 16, 2000 closing price. The transaction is subject to the approval of shareholders of both companies and of U.S. and Israeli regulatory agencies. The transaction is expected to close in the first calendar quarter of next year and will be accounted for as a purchase.

Galileo is recognized as a market leader in digital communications systems on silicon for the LAN (Local Area Network), MAN (Metropolitan Area Network), and WAN (Wide Area Network). Galileo's routing, switching, and systems management products are incorporated in data communications and telecommunications systems produced by more than 500 customers worldwide. Marvell is a leader in providing extreme broadband mixed signal and DSP physical layer interfaces (or PHYs) to address gigabit and faster data communication rates.

Dr. Sehat Sutardja, President and Chief Executive Officer of Marvell said, "Through this merger, we will immediately have expanded market opportunities for our combined product portfolios. In particular, this combination brings together Marvell's industry-leading gigabit Ethernet Alaska PHY technology with Galileo's Galnet family of advanced Layer 2/3/4/5 switched Ethernet processors. We believe the combined company will be the only supplier currently shipping both gigabit PHY and switch ICs, and as a result, we will be uniquely positioned to provide end-to-end solutions to the exploding worldwide gigabit Ethernet LAN market," Sutardja added. "Additionally, Marvell's high-speed mixed signal and digital signal processing capabilities combined with Galileo's strong system-level capabilities position us to capture major future communication opportunities in the MAN, WAN, and SAN markets. With over 500 engineers, the combined company will have the critical mass to aggressively pursue future opportunities."

Upon completion of the merger the company, which will be named Marvell, will be headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. ...Marvell profile

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Minneapolis, MN, October 16, 2000 - Plasmon has begun shipping the first in its new line of LTO Ultrium tape libraries, the company announced today. The first of Plasmon's LTO Ultrium tape automation products to ship will be a ten-cartridge autoloader model. Priced starting at under $13,000, the single-drive Autoloader is designed as an easy-to-use, flexible data backup solution with options for barcode and remote diagnostics. news image
In addition, with high native capacity (100 GB per cartridge) and fast data transfer rates of 15 MB/s native, the new Plasmon LTO 10.1 is targeted toward back-up and restore applications for small and medium-sized businesses as well as government agencies that require both speed and capacity.

"IBM is extremely pleased to be able to partner with Plasmon to provide their customers with a tape storage solution that will continue to meet their needs today and in the future," says Bill Sharrio, worldwide OEM sales manager, Storage Technology Division, IBM Corporation. "We are very familiar with Plasmon's expertise in both the optical and tape automation markets and we are confident that Plasmon's LTO Ultrium automation offerings will expand the midrange tape market."

Plasmon plans to ship a complete line of field-tested LTO Ultrium-based automation products later this year. The series will offer a broad range of LTO Ultrium libraries from the entry-level AutoLoader to an enterprise class library with more than 50 TB of native storage. Future tape automation products from Plasmon will integrate other popular tape technologies. ...Plasmon profile

St. Paul, MN, October 16, 2000 - True file sharing in heterogeneous SAN environments that eliminate performance bottlenecks for open systems users was announced by LSC, Incorporated today. Until now, true file sharing with QFS and SAM-FS was limited to Solaris only environments. Support for Tivoli SANergy provides systems administrators with LSC's high performance file system and advanced storage management capabilities and the ability to share files in a multi-platform SAN (Storage Area Network) environment. With Tivoli SANergy, LSC's high performance file system can be shared across Apple MacOS, SGI Irix, IBM AIX, Compaq Tru64, Data General DG/UX, Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000, Sun Solaris and Red Hat Linux platforms.

LSC is the first vendor to be certified Tivoli Ready for Tivoli SANergy, and is the first company to take advantage of the new API's (application interfaces) available with the release of Tivoli SANergy 2.2. Tivoli Ready integration with Tivoli SANergy allows both companies to support cooperatively their respective customers who choose to take advantage of this shared storage management solution.

"The combination of our software and Tivoli SANergy 2.2 file sharing software benefits our users with true file sharing in heterogeneous SAN environments - without a reduction in system performance," said, Brad Balogh, president of LSC, Incorporated. "Tivoli Ready for SANergy provides our users with confidence that our SAN solution is real and is supported by companies committed to storage."

Barry Burke, Director, Tivoli Storage Management Solutions said, "We are excited to work with LSC as the first company to add Tivoli SANergy support to their file system. Not only does this add a powerful new file system to the growing family of Tivoli SANergy platforms, it also demonstrates Tivoli's commitment to open interfaces and strong partner relationships."

Current versions of SAM-FS and QFS are available immediately through authorized LSC distributors. Tivoli SANergy is sold separately, through the Tivoli's global sales and distribution channels. ...LSC profile, ...Tivoli profile
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