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11 years - "leading the way to the new storage frontier"


Megabyte the Mouse, still mapping the enterprise storage frontier

2 years later...

Baughurst, UK, October 3, 2000 -, the enterprise storage portal also known as the "mouse site" celebrates 2 years publication this month, which by a strange coincidence is also the second birthday of its editor-in-chief Megabyte the Mouse. Publisher Zsolt Kerekes said "The storage market today is seeing chaotic changes, similar to those experienced in the personal computer market in the late 1970's before IBM, Microsoft and Intel created the definitive new standard, which was the great granddaddy of today's Wintel PC's. When we started two years ago, we really expected that storage would be a quiet conservative market, in comparison to the Sun server market, which we'd been covering since the early 1990's with our SPARC Product Directory. Oh how wrong we were!"

"It's clear now that the storage market is the most exciting place, in the whole computer market, to be involved with right now. The reason? In the next few years the world's biggest computer companies will, in fact, be storage manufacturers or service providers, but today no-one has got all the pieces in the Storage Area Networking (SAN) jigsaw. Every week we cover news about new strategic partnerships, companies being bought up, IPO's and even storage start-ups. Trying to recognise which companies will become the leaders in this new market is important, and fun."

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By a strange coincidence, Megabyte's birthday was exactly the same as that of a well known STORAGE site.

"When we started STORAGEsearch we did (correctly) predict that many other storage portals would also start in this market, and that we would have to work hard to create a unique identity. Part of that identity is our content, which is updated daily by inputs from vendors and readers, but another part is the original graphics in which we follow the adventures of Megabyte the Mouse, and other members of the Byte family as they discover the world of enterprise storage. Regular readers can be assured that if they're looking for storage, and see our mouse characters, they've come to the right place." Our site has become a trusted source of serious market information about storage. These mice mean business.

Mike Bell, VP Europe of Network Attached Storage (NAS) pioneer Auspex Systems said "In line with the data explosion, users are experiencing an information overload on storage technology. STORAGEsearch provides an extensive reference tool containing everything you wanted to know about storage, but were afraid to ask."

Richard Redding, Fibre-Channel Product Manager of storage manufacturer & distributor Selectronix said "The service provided by is unrivalled in the storage industry, operating for two years now, it is not just another '.com' collation of links - it is a smooth, professional, up to date insight into our industry".

About the publication:- is a leading enterprise storage portal started in 1998. ACSL, the publisher also publishes the #1 Sun Microsystems compatible buyer's guide:- the SPARC Product Directory which was launched in 1992.

Note to Editor's - we have over 60 different Megabyte graphics images which can be supplied as high resolution JPEG files to accompany this this press release. You can request a high res image of any of the pictures on this site by sending an email with a note about where you would like to use it, to


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