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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 3 year Anniversary

Highview Farm, September 3, 2001 - Megabyte the Mouse is 3 years old this month. Millions of computer users on the web know that Megabyte is one of the cartoon characters on the computer directory called During the past 3 years, the Byte family has been extended to include Spellerbyte the wizard (who is used as the metaphor for software), Terrorbyte (used for tape libraries and other massive storage), Cheaperbyte (used for VARS and channels), Killerbyte (used for military storage) and the bikes (used as the metaphors for fibre-channel). The Byte family ancestor Squeaks-a-Bit, will make his debut later this year in articles about the history of storage.

In just 36 months has become the #1 enterprise storage portal, with a readership more than twice as large as the 9 year old Sun buyers guide called the SPARC Product Directory, from the same publisher ACSL. Storage is a serious subject, and, which was originally started as a guide for systems buyers, was extended this year to include more information for all types of people who need to know more about this market, including investors, venture capitalists, M & A specialists, and senior marketers in leading storage companies themselves. The publication tracks companies from birth to death, starting with when they receive their first venture capital funds, launch their products, partner with others in the industry, and in some cases, become acquired or go out of business.

Commenting on the 3 year anniversary, publisher Zsolt Kerekes said "It's gratifying to see how well STORAGEsearch has been welcomed and adopted by the storage industry. We get inputs from thousands of readers, and it's their contributions which help to make our content sharp and relevant. But no matter how good a web site is, we can't do it all. People have multidimensional needs for information, and that's where our collaboration with other leading information sources including market research companies and conference and trade show organisers has made a significant impact on our readership during the past year. Unlike some other publications, which also operate in those spaces, we have no channel conflict, and are able to point our readers to other sources of information when they need more depth, or human guidance."

Commenting about business issues, Kerekes continued, "Despite the IT recession in the US, and during a period when dozens of competing publications entered the storage market, we continued to grow our readership, and that growth rate is still increasing. As a 10 year old computer publisher (with over 5 years under our belt as a dotcom) we have some advantages compared to our competitors, not the least being that we have no long term debt and are profitable. That gives us the freedom to experiment and pursue ideas which have a payback period extending out many quarters. In a market where most computer sites look very much the same we'll continue to invest in content which gives our readers the wow factor, and delivers more than they originally expected. Our aim is to increase the gap in readership size between us and the #2, and #3 titles in this market. That will make it easier for advertisers to percieve the real value of our publication. The storage market can be segmented into two parts. Those who read the mouse site... and those who don't."

Megabyte the Mouse is 3 years Old
By a strange coincidence, Megabyte's birthday was exactly the same as that of a well known STORAGE site.
the Byte family ensemble


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