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NewTech Infosystems ("NTI") is an industry leading developer of powerful, feature-rich, and easy-to-use software for CD and DVD recording. NTI has developed and delivered innovative recording and backup solutions since being founded in 1993. As a pioneer in the world of CD recording technologies and software, NTI released the world's first CD Copy software in December of 1995. Today, NTI's CD/DVD burning engine has an installed base of 70 million users worldwide. With the debut of NTI Backup NOW! in 1998, NTI was the first software developer credited with bringing state-of-the-art optical recording technology to the realm of computer data backup and recovery, a field traditionally dominated by magnetic tape technologies. In addition to CD & DVD-Maker 7 Titanium Suite, the NTI family of products includes: NTI CD & DVD-Maker™ Platinum, NTI Backup NOW!® Deluxe Suite, NTI DriveBackup!™, FileCD™ and Dragon Burn™. NTI differentiates itself with superb user-friendliness that effectively enables powerful exploration of multimedia functionalities built on the principle of "Power with Simplicity." Many NTI products are available in multi-lingual versions, and can be purchased through retail and on-line outlets. NTI also offers Volume licensing and OEM products. NTI is headquartered at: 5 Mason, Suite 150, Irvine, California 92618, USA. Phone: +1-949-421-0720 Fax: +1-949-421-0750

Even Editors Make Lots of Backup Mistakes
editor's comments:- July 31, 2008 - after nearly a decade using various versions of NTI Backup NOW (starting with the W98 version) I was very disappointed this week - when I got into a hot disaster recovery situation myself.

Having an up to date working backup created by NTI Backup NOW version 4 on my old PC I thought my non-email documents were safe. But they failed to be restored by version 5 which was freshly downloaded onto a new clean PC - even though I could see the directories on the backup media. The job counter went from zero percent to finished immediately without restoring anything.

Luckily I had an alternative backup route and media which resolved the problem and didn't involve NTI's software. But I had been a regular user of that product - looking at old archived article for example - and it was a disappointment that this compatibility issue means I don't trust it any more.

I haven't had a reply from tech-support yet. But the problem is less than 24 hours old as I write this.

The moral of the story is that you need multiple backup formats - as well as multiple media types and locations to survive from the data point of view.

And I inadvertently have learned more than I ever wanted to know about corrupted files in outlook express too. That was partly due to my ignorance of XP's transfer wizard. I accidentally restored multiple copies of my email (as the first restore disk didn't work - and was corrupted). So I exceeded 100,000 emails in folders that were designed for much less and made things worse before making them better.

But the good news is that within hours of having a trashed PC I was back in business again - despite all the problems - which were solved in background mode without any data loss. I made a lot of things worse before I made them better - like foolishly downloading new email from my webmail into a full in-box - which temporarily made it disappear.

Being paranoid about losing your data is a healthy start to a disaster recovery plan.

This point has been made many times in these pages - if you haven't encountered an unrecoverable error in your backup system then you probably aren't doing enough backups..
Can You Trust Your Flash SSD's Specs?
Editor:- I've noticed is that the published specs of flash SSDs change a lot -from the time a product they are first announced, then when they're being sampled, and later again when they are in volume production.

Sometimes the headline numbers get better, sometimes they get worse. There are many good reasons for this.

The product which you carefully qualified may not be identical to the one that's going into your production line for a variety of reasons... the article

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