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Peak 10

Peak 10 is the Southeast's leading data center services provider offering a full range of hosting, storage, security and business continuity solutions. Customers like Allstate, Jefferson Pilot, Hawaiian Tropic, LendingTree, Siemens and The Outback Bowl rely on Peak 10 to keep business critical applications up and running around-the-clock. The company owns and operates four enterprise-class data centers that deliver a higher standard of infrastructure, security and performance to businesses nationwide. Peak 10 has data centers in Charlotte and Raleigh, N.C., and Jacksonville and Tampa, Fla. and will be announcing a fifth market in the near future. Additional information about Peak 10 is available at

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article - the Dangers of Removable Storage Media by Pointsec
the Dangers of Removable Storage Media - article by Pointsec

In the early James Bond films of the 1960s, viewers were introduced to an array of implausible (at the time) portable high tech spy gadgets. Nowadays we know from our own everyday experience that something the size of a cigarette lighter can actually be a video camera with its own wireless internet access.

The proliferation of miniature high capacity storage devices creates a serious problem for commercial and national security. This article provides an up to date picture of the intrinsic dangers posed by current removable storage technologies. the article, ...Pointsec profile, Security, Removable Storage

profile from featured press release Oct. 1, 2003

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