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For more than 21 years, Plasmon technology has addressed the long-term data storage needs of over 6,500 customers and 17 thousand installations in 56 countries. Plasmon archive solutions are designed to provide an easy-to-use archival storage environment where data is simultaneously accessible, protected, and available despite failure, disaster, or years of inactivity. Plasmon is focused on long-term archiving, offering customers the ability to manage data growth, reduce operational complexity and cost, and mitigate risk. Plasmon Inc is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado with offices globally. For more information, visit www.plasmon.com.

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  • editor's comments:- in October 2008 - Plasmon plc was in administration (the UK legal state for a company approaching bankruptcy).

    The management used venture capital to set up a US company Plasmon Holdings LLC which acquired assets from the old company. Certain products will continue to be marketed by Plasmon Inc, formerly a US-based subsidiary to the UK company, which will become the worldwide headquarters.

    ...Later:- the new venture failed within several months - and in January 2009 - the assets were in the hands of yet another new owner.

    Take a look at this article (written by Chris Mellor, and published in the UK Channel Register) - Optical delusion: Plasmon's ignominious end - which concludes "The existence of a long-term, professional optical archive storage market has been shown to be a delusion."
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