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Selectronix, with headquarters in Aldermaston in the UK, is a specialist European distributor and manufacturer of Fibre Channel, SCSI, Infiniband, etc high speed communications assemblies and related components. Formed in 1979 as a specialist UK distributor of interconnection products, together with a range of electromechanical devices, Selectronix has since developed along two avenues: as a distributor of connector products, relays, switches and sensors, and as a manufacturer, in our own modern assembly plant, of SCSI cables for computer related applications where technical expertise is required; and as a supplier of Fibre Channel, Infiniband, Gigabit Ethernet solutions for this dynamic new market.

editor's comments:- Selectronix advertised here on from 2000 to 2004. Their ads mostly featured storage cables and GBICs, but also some HBAs as well. You can see one of their banner ads from that period below.

Selectronix GBIC banner ad circa 2000 which ran on

Another connection was that David Mellor - who drew the mouse pictures for subrented an office in Selectronix's HQ building at Calleva Park Aldermaston, UK.

Selectronix was based about a mile from my home / office, before I moved to Lewes, Sussex in 2007.

The roundabout at Calleva Park can be very confusing.

It loops into another roundabout heading towards Tadley. When I first moved into that area in the early 1990s - I often used to drive several times around before taking the correct turn. That endless looping on the way to a restaurant (no longer in business) called Romans at Silchester - is still remembered with hilarity by family members nearly 20 years later. They were following me in the car behind.
SSD ad - click for more info
hold up capacitors in 2.5" military SSDs

to be or not to be?
Editor:- zero to three seconds are 2 numbers which demonstrate some of the extreme diversity in SSD design. My examples here being the hold up times inside 2 current models (in 2015) of 2.5" SATA SSDs designed for the military market.
  • One from Microsemi (HQ in Aliso Viejo, CA, USA).
  • And the other is from Solidata (HQ in Shenzhen, China).
I've touched on this kind of architectural design difference many times before in earlier articles. But every time I revisit this vast topic with fresh examples - I learn something new. more

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