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Solidata International Technologies

Solidata International Technologies Co.Ltd was founded in 2007 and its HQ is located in Shenzhen, China.

Solidata is an industry-leading manufacturer of industrial and military SSDs products, We are constantly innovating and offer the leading-edge SSD products to meet all kinds of high-end embedded and industrial/military application needs.

Solidata's SSDs include the following interfaces and form factor:- 2.5" SATA, 2.5" PATA, mSATA/Half Slim SATA and 1.8" micro-SATA with both MLC and SLC options.

Solidata has accumulated experience of designing SSDs for rugged and demanding environments by working with military research institutes in industrial and military storage fields such as aviation, aerospace & defense, maritime, NSA, Navy, Air Force, Army, UAV and others.
Solidata logo
Solidata mil SSD
industrial SATA-III SLC SSDs
with military power loss protection
consistent performance & secure erase
Crator-S - from Solidata
Solidata - addresses and links

Solidata Technology International Limited
Room C, 5th Floor, Building C,
Baohuasheng industrial park,
Xixiang hancheng industrial area,
Bao'an district, Shenzhen 518126

tel:- +86-0755--2769 5623
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Who's who in SSD? - Solidata

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - - November 2014

When Solidata first emerged onto the international stage in October 2008 - its main focus was 2.5" SATA SSDs based on SandForce SSD controllers.

Solidata entered the Top 10 SSD Companies list in Q4 2008. (At that time there were 92 companies in the SSD market.)

The company stayed in the list for several quarters - but then due to the vast number of other vendors which entered the 2.5" SSD market in 2009 - the advantage of being among the early companies deploying SandForce controllers wasn't enough of a difference to sustain a marketing edge.

And during the next 3-4 years I didn't hear anything especially interesting from the company.

Nowadays Solidata is focusing on the extended temperature (-55 to +95 degrees C) industrial SSD and military SSD (upto 125 degrees C) markets

Most of these products are SLC based - and the range also includes a PATA SSD - the Carina-S - a high capacity product which can extend the market life of systems which have been designed around this legacy interface.
Solidata mentions in SSD History

In March 2009 - a test report published by Tom's Hardware commented on the high power consumption of Solidata's fast 2.5" flash SSDs.

In January 2009 - Solidata was listed for the first time in the Q4 2008 edition of the Top 10 SSD Companies

In April 2009 - Solidata announced it has appointed Melbourne based Solid State Central as its new exclusive distributor for the SSD market in Australia.

In July 2009 - Solidata dropped out of the 9th quarterly edition of the - Top 10 SSD Companies - Q2 2009. Rank was #14.

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