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Editor:- March 23 , 2016 - Mercury Systems has agreed to acquire the secure SSD business of Microsemi.

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Mercury Systems NAND BGA SSD
Mercury's SLC NAND flash BGA SSDs are specificially designed for use in the rugged and demanding embedded environments of defense and aerospace applications.

SATA models summary
  • capacity upto 64GB
  • 32mm x 28mm 524 PBGA
  • 6.0 Gb/s
  • power - < 1W
  • zero power standby mode
  • AES -128 encryption
  • self destruct and support for military sanitization protocols
  • UBER 10-18 bits read
  • silent error protection
  • no batteries or super capacitors
  • abrupt power interruption protection
  • •Write protect option for read-only applications

PATA models summary
  • usable capacity 8GB
  • 27mm x 22mm 224 PBGA
  • extended environment operation for military apps
  • UBER 10-14 bits read
  • R/W 45 /30 MB/s
  • secure fast erase - 30s max

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