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Spectra T950 library high denisty scalable tape library with integrated disk to disk backup option

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Spectra Logic Spectra T950

The Spectra T950 enterprise-class library provides the industry's broadest selection of backup media options including legacy tape, state of the art tape and disk to disk backup within a single easy to use scalable architecture.

The Spectra T950 library delivers up to ten times greater storage density than competitors and can reduce cartridge handling time by 90% compared to competing libraries.

  • scalable from 100 to 6150 cartridges
  • Up to 120 full height drives
  • LTO, SAIT, SDLT, AIT-4 or RAID eXchangeable TeraPack (based on SATA hard disk drives)
  • LVD SCSI, 2 GB Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet NDMP, Serverless Backup, iSCSI
  • Includes 1 year of on-site SpectraGuard™ support

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