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Tarmin Technologies

Tarmin, Inc. is a leading provider of unstructured data management solutions designed for enterprise infrastructure and applications to meet the unprecedented challenges presented by big data as the costs associated with regulatory, legal and commercial risks of storing and maintaining this data escalate. Tarmin software removes the pain points of managing vast data flows and empowers organizations across industries to better store, control and understand their fast-growing, geographically dispersed unstructured data repositories. Tarmin's GridBank Data Management Platform is an integrated solution that blurs the line between infrastructure and applications to deliver the comprehensive scope, power and elasticity required to successfully address the challenges of unprecedented data growth, while achieving lower costs and improving the total management of vital business data and information.

  • editor's comment:- among other things - Tarmin describe one of the virtues of its software as being "hardware agnostic". Maybe that's why - when I searched their site for "SSD" (in July 2012) I got the answer - "no results".

    The worlds of SSDs and archiving will be the same in the future - but it hasn't touched Tarmin's world view yet.

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