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TOLIS Group Inc. is a privately held corporation whose mission is the provision of leading-edge data protection products for end-users and computer OEMs that are effective, reliable, and of excellent value. The TOLIS servicemark of "Backup You Can Trust" guides every aspect of business. TOLIS produces native backup solutions to support the UNIX marketplace, including support of the Linux and Mac OS X platforms. The venerable BRU backup engine that has been delivering unsurpassed data backup and recovery reliability since 1985 forms the foundation of all BRU solutions. BRU solution coverage spans from the user in the home to the largest client/server-based heterogeneous system network topologies. TOLIS also administers the Linux Tape Device Certification Program. Contact TOLIS Group at PH: 1.480.505.0488, FAX: 1.480.505.0492, E-mail, or visit TOLIS on the Web at:

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  • editor's comments:- I like TOLIS Group's tagline - "Because it's the RESTORE that Matters!" That's a perennial truth.

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24x7 Guide to Data Recovery...............................
Editor:- there's one kind of storage event which you can't plan for...

...When disaster strikes and you need a data recovery company.

Our Data Recovery page includes profiles for over 50 companies, articles and news about the market.

In more than decade covering the data recovery market I've learned they can fix products ranging from a single drive to every critical disk in an affected area.

Damage can be due to many accidental causes - including physical shock, fire, flood, chemical attack etc.

One thing which may surprise you is it's possible to make things even worse. So it's important to read some of these articles before you try any remedial action yourself - and that includes how you handle the affected drives.
Data Recovery Depending on their competency, DR companies can recover data from hard disks, tapes, optical drives and even some flash memory devices and mobile phones.

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