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3PARdata - (circa 2010)

3PAR® (NYSE Arca: PAR) is the leading global provider of utility storage, a category of highly virtualized, tightly-clustered and dynamically-tiered storage arrays built for utility computing. Organizations use utility computing to build cost-effective virtualized IT infrastructures for flexible workload consolidation. 3PAR Utility Storage gives customers an alternative to traditional arrays by delivering resilient infrastructure with increased agility at a lower total cost to meet their rapidly changing business needs. As a pioneer of thin provisioning —a green technology developed to address storage underutilization and inefficiencies—3PAR offers products designed to minimize power consumption and promote environmental responsibility. With 3PAR, customers have reduced the costs of allocated storage capacity, administration, and SAN infrastructure while increasing adaptability and resiliency. 3PAR Utility Storage is built to meet the demands of open systems consolidation, integrated data lifecycle management, and performance-intensive applications.

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  • Editor's comments:- 3PAR (originally called 3PARdata) shipped its first NAS products in 2002. You can see more about my coverage of the company from that time until its acquisition in 2010 by clicking the "editor mentions" link above.

    In August 2010 - Dell announced it was acquiring 3PARdata for approximately $1.15 billion. But that wasn't the end of the story. HP got interested too. A bidding war commenced - which HP won when it decided to acquire 3PAR for $2.4 billion.

    One of my readers (who owned a chunk of another real enterprise SSD company) privately said to me - "Zsolt, I know you don't think much of them (3PAR) but I sure wish (name of company redacted here) would get this kind of buyout war!"

    In those days (2010) I had already switched nearly all my attention to the SSD market - having quietly stopped my coverage of rotating storage companies.

    At that time neither HP nor 3PAR - could by any stretch of the imagination be described as SSD companies.

    So at that point I stopped thinking about 3PAR for a while.

    Having said that - in the market of 2014 - the 3PAR technology and brand - persist in the crowded hybrid SSD appliance / SSD ASAP market.

    For more details about 3PAR in the HP context see HP's enterprise flash-optimized storage page

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HP and Dell battle over unavailable 3PAR
Editor:- August 23, 2010 - 3PAR has become part of a billion dollar acquisition tussle between Dell and HP.

But would you buy software from a company whose home page showed this message today? - "Site Temporarily Unavailable Thank you for visiting This site is currently undergoing maintenance and is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience."

...Later:- 3Par-ty tonight – hangover tomorrow? - is a thoughtful analysis of the 3PAR tug of war written by market analyst Robin Harris.
the SSD software event horizon
Editor:- Ever wondered about the awesome market power of SSD software?

It's not just servers and hard drive arrays which have utilization rates.

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