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AMI-Partners specializes in IT, Internet, telecommunications and business services strategy, venture capital, and actionable market intelligence—focusing on global small and medium business (SMB) enterprises. AMI has helped shape the go-to-market SMB strategies of more than 150 leading IT and communications companies over the last ten years. The firm is well known for its IT/communications adoption-based segmentation of the SMB markets; its annual retainership services based on global SMB tracking surveys in more than 25 countries; and its proprietary database of SMBs and SMB channel partners in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific. The firm invests significantly in collecting survey-based information from several thousand SMBs annually, and is considered the premier source for global SMB trends and analysis.

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Editor's comments:- January 2014 - searching for SSDs on AMI-Partners' site didn't yield any results when I tried it - but here are some of the ways their recent research intersects with the storage market:-

. FAQs for connected IT marketers
PR Agencies & SSDs
Consumer SSDs guide
Market research (all storage)
Cloud storage - with SSD twists
Power, Speed & Strength in SSD brands
Price of SSDs - where does the money go?

"SMBs today are accessing software far beyond the traditional CD download: leveraging server, virtualization, and cloud technologies once reserved for sophisticated large enterprises"
The SMB Software Journey to Virtualization & Cloud (AMI blog - July , 2013)

"why are so many companies piling into the SSD market - when even the leading enterprise companies haven't demonstrated sustainable business models yet?"
Hostage to the fortunes of SSD

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