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the consumer SSDs guide

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor,

If you want to learn more about SSDs for your own personal use or because you run your own small business - then this page is for you.

It lists consumer SSD related articles and directories - both here on and external sites which readers have recommended to me (in the tables on the right of this page). And just as important - these links will steer you clear away from the complex mission critical SSD content on which is intended for people who need to know more about SSDs as part of how they make their living.

When did the consumer SSD market begin?

Throughout most of SSD market history SSDs cost more than the average person's car or home. That's why the consumer SSD market started long after the industrial, military and enterprise SSD markets.

If I had to pick a year from which to date the start of the consumer SSD market - it would be 2006.

That's when awareness of true SSDs (as opposed to USB flash memory sticks) flared into the notebook market and the first notebook PCs with genuine SSDs instead of hard drives became generally available (to those who could afford them).

Obviously SSD market analysts like me were writing about the (then) "future" consumer SSD market a year or so before that time - and enterprising individuals were setting up SSD business units and founding companies to design products for the consumer SSD market from around 2004 / 5.

How good are consumer SSDs?

You won't find anyone more enthusiastic about solid state storage than me. But - here's an important sanity check.

Even the very best consumer SSDs available today are vastly inferior in performance and reliability to the best SSDs in the enterprise and industrial markets.

I'm not trying to put you off. I'm just stating a fact.

In that case - you may well ask - what's so great about consumer SSDs?

Well - if SSDs cost the same as hard drives then nobody would buy the hard drives unless they were going to rip them apart to use as artwork (I have seen it done and encourage you to destroy your old HDDs too as a cheap form of disk sanitization) or unless they intended to use the HDDs in a nostalgic computer restoration project, or as a working exhibit in a computer museum.

The reasons for using SSDs in the consumer world today are the same as they've always begin - and were part of the value propositions which gave birth to the entire market concept.

Consumer SSDs can provide a superior user experience or enable the product designer to do things which were previously technically impossible. Here are some examples of what you can do with the best consumer SSDs compared to the best HDDs.
  • SSDs are much faster - when booting and in complex operations like games and creating video or presentations
  • SSDs use less power - longer battery life, less heat on your lap and less need for noisy fans
  • SSDs can fit into smaller physical spaces
  • SSDs are more rugged
  • SSDs weigh less
That's it for now. I hope you find the links on this page useful.
what's the market for Plextor's PCIe SSD?
Editor:- April 7, 2014 - I asked Plextor's virtual marketing representative in the US - Andrew Erickson at Alaniz Marketing to tell me more about Plextor's thinking about routes to market for their entry level (Gen2) PCIe SSD market offering - the M6e.
Plextor consumer PCIe SSD
He said - "The M6e is marketed directly to consumers as an end-user upgrade and mostly via newegg and major e-tailers."

Andrew went on to say - "Plextor is definitely moving into the enterprise space and we're expecting to see a couple of read intensive and multi-use ssd products later this year. It sounds like some of the enterprise firmware advances may already be evident in the M6e - though it's not being marketed in that way. I have seen some Plextor drives sold in high end gaming rigs, but I'm not aware of current plans to sell OEM at this time."
reasons to expect more PCIe SSDs in 2014 PC Market
Editor:- December 16, 2013 - A new article in DRAMeXchange discusses the issue of SATA 3 SSDs being replaced by PCIe SSDs in future designs of PCs. the article
Samsung serves up sucky ad for SSD
Editor:- Here's an entertaining article on JAYFK!.com - which dissects an intelligence insultingly bad video ad from Samsung about their 840 EVO SSDs aimed at the consumer market. The article was posted August 25, 2013 - but is timeless. the article
"Consumer products are moving more and more towards that touch of artificial intelligence and in particular speaking to your devices and having your voice sent off to the cloud, recognised and analyzed on good computers there and transmitted back"
Steve Wozniak - cofounder Apple
and Chief Scientist - Fusion-io
in the article - Data deluge - the need for speed
(September 28, 2012)

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Clarifying SSD Prices - article on . OK - let's start again from the top.

Megabyte's famed rational policy based decision making processes (when it came to expensive stuff) had gone out the window at the cake shop because they all looked equally scrumptious and affordable and he kept changing his mind about what he wanted.

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In November 2002 - Bill Gates, talking about Tablet PC's said:-

"There are also a lot of peripherals that need to improve here. ...Eventually even the so-called solid state disks will come along and not only will we have the mechanical disks going down to 1.8 inch but some kind of solid state disk in the next three to four years will be part of different Tablet PCs."
SSD market history
It's over 10 years since began to focus on the special challenges that flash wear-out posed for designers of SSDs - as the requirements for high performance SSDs began to push up against the endurance limits of flash memory and move into new acceleration roles...
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