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ANACAPA Micro Products is a manufacturer of memory and integrator of mass storage solutions. Founded in 1991, ANACAPA has achieved a prominent position as a worldwide supplier of server and workstation upgrades and solutions, specializing in high-performance UNIX, Linux and NT systems. For more information, contact ANACAPA Micro Products Inc., PO Box 7628, Ventura, CA 93006-7628. Phone: 800/800-7056; Fax: 805/339-0353; Web site: www.anacapamicro.com.

  • editor's comments:- way back in 2000 ANACAPA advertised their Sun compatible memoru upgrades in our publication called the SPARC Product Directory.

    In March 2011 - I looked at their site to see what (if anything) they're doing today in the SSD market.

    They do distribute products from several SSD makers - but their publicly viewable web site is little more than a list of partners and suppliers.

this way to the Petabyte SSD
In 2016 there will be just 3 types of SSD in the datacenter.

One of them doesn't exist yet - the bulk storage SSD.

It will start to replace the last remaining strongholds of hard drives in the datacenter due to its unique combination of characteristics, huge storage density, low running costs and operational advantages.

Bulk storage SSDs will displace the last remaining hard drives in the enterprise server market by 2020 - even if the price of a new hard disk drops to zero and enterprise HDDs are given away free!
click to read the article -  reaching for the petabyte SSD - not as scary as you may think ... The new business and architectural models of the datacenter - how we get from here to there - and the technical and problems which will need to be solved - are just some of the ideas explored in this visionary article.
SSD Pricing - where does all the money go?
SSDs are among the most expensive computer hardware products you will ever buy and comprehending the factors which determine SSD costs is often a confusing and irritating process...
Clarifying SSD Pricing - where does all the money go? - click to read the article ...which is not made any easier when market prices for apparently identical capacity SSDs can vary more than 100x to 1!

Why is that? ...read the article to find out

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