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Auspex Systems - circa 2002

Auspex introduced the world's first Network Attached Storage (NAS) server shortly after its founding in 1987, creating a new breed of storage appliance offering significant performance and administrative benefits over general-purpose file servers. Auspex's enterprise-class network servers are used worldwide for consolidated information storage and delivery. Auspex also is leading the convergence of NAS with Storage Area Networks (SANs) with the NSc3000 Network Storage Controller, the first multivendor SAN-to-NAS gateway.

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Editor's notes:- from Storage History.

The article - A Storage Architecture Guide is an enduring legacy for Auspex which went bankrupt in June 2003.

What happened to their assets?

GlassHouse Technologies acquired their services business.

Network Appliance bought Auspex Systems' patents.

Auspex started out as a manufacturer of SPARC based servers.

In 1992 - the SPARC Product Directory listed details of their NS 3000 server.

The 42" high cabinet had 96MB ECC RAM, 20GB HDD storage and 8 VMEbus expansion slots. It delivered 675 NFS IOPS (using 4 ethernets, at 70mS response time.)

Auspex's last SPARC server, introduced in Q3 1994, was the NS 7000, with 180GB HDD storage.

It used Hyper-SPARC processors and supported upto 24 ethernets and 4 FDDI networks.

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