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CEI, founded in 1986, is a privately held Storage Company headquartered in the Sierra Nevada foothills. CEI engineers world class products including Storage Management and Virtualization software.

  • editor's notes:- CEI sells PATA PCI RAID cards and RAID software. Their website hasn't changed much in recent years - but their article Understanding RAID and its Benefits still deserves a read.
RAID systems on
Megabyte found that tying lots of barrels
together to cross the data stream worked
well. And if one of them got punctured,
the raft didn't sink.
Squeak! - the Fastest Solid State Disks

Speed isn't everything, and it comes at a price.
But if you do need the speediest SSD then wading through the web sites of over 66 current SSD oems to find a suitable candidate slows you down.

And the SSD search problem will get even worse.
the Fastest Solid State Disks
I predict there will be over 100 SSD oems in 2008.

I've done the research for you to save you time. And this page is updated daily from storage news and direct inputs from oems. the article,

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