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Ci Design

Ci Design is a storage and server enclosure provider that meets both high-end performance and stringent price point requirements. Located in Irvine, California, with logistics distribution and manufacturing in Taiwan and the Netherlands, Ci Design has manufactured and custom designed high-density rack mountable enclosure solutions since 1983. Ci Design is well positioned as an industry leader in providing Tier 1 OEM solutions as well as VAR server and storage building blocks solutions. Ci Design serves major OEM customers such as IBM, Seagate and Toshiba who require the most stringent quality control. And, Ci Design is among the first to adopt Mini-SAS, SATA II, I2C, SCSI, Fibre Channel and Serial ATA technologies.

JBOD and storage enclosures
Storage Boxes, Enclosures, JBODS
It was easy to recognise a storage box
made by Megabyte the mouse.
Squeak! - the Solid State Disks Buyers Guide
This is the 4th annual edition of this very popular report (published March 2007).

The earlier edition of this article was the most popular storage article viewed by's readers in the previous year.
the solid state disks buyers guide
The SSD Buyers Guide lists all SSD products commercially available in the market by form factor, interface type and memory technology. It also includes a summary of key milestones in the SSD market in the past year. the article, solid state disks

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