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Cloverleaf Communications

Cloverleaf has developed a unique and proven Intelligent Storage Networking (iSN) system. Based on technology acquired from Elta Systems, a large technology powerhouse affiliated with Israel Aircraft Industries, Cloverleaf's core technology has already been tested and proven with very-high performance and secure communications systems in mission critical defense and commercial applications. Cloverleaf is privately held. For more information contact Cloverleaf at 2 Willow Street, Southborough, MA 01745, 508-624-9500 or visit

Storage Area Networking
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Megabyte had recently seen the movie City Slickers and was experimenting with a new data round-up technique.
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NAS, DAS or SAN? - Choosing the Right Storage Technology for Your Organization - article by Xtore

It's 5 years since we published the Storage Architecture Guide a classic reference written by the world's first network storage company Auspex. The new overview article from Xtore places the main storage connection strategies in a current context. Here's an extract.

"Another important consideration for a medium sized business or large enterprise is heterogeneous data sharing. With DAS, each server is running its own operating platform, so there is no common storage in an environment that may include a mix of Windows, Mac and Linux workstations. NAS systems can integrate into any environment and serve files across all operating platforms. On the network, a NAS system appears like a native file server to each of its different clients. That means that files are saved on the NAS system, as well as retrieved from the NAS system, in their native file formats. NAS is also based on industry standard network protocols such as TCP/IP, FC and CIFS. " ... read the article, ...Xtore profile

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