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The founders of many leading SSD companies have told me that - "no one understands the SSD market better"

We started publishing a real-time updated directory of SSD vendors in 1998, and published the first of many industry changing papers which analyzed the potential scale of the SSD market and the key user value propositions which would underly these disruptive transitions in 2003. And did the first industry-wide needs analysis asking - what do SSD buyers really want? - in 2004.

Our primary business, which was founded in 1991, is publishing the online guide called

We don't sell market resports. Instead we use the insights we have into the SSD market to determine priorities for future editorial.

As editor - I've talked to tens of thousands of readers about the markets I write about - and have tracked the way that millions of my readers have navigated their way through the content on this site to understand the market. And I've spoken to the people who run most of the leading SSD companies, their biggest customers, investors and others who are seriously interested in this market.

If you ask me an interesting question about the SSD market which takes my thinking down a road which I want to travel down - I might spend time researching it and answering it. And I might use some of my my reply to you in updating my online articles - and even in new posts.

Despite many offers - I don't do SSD consulting projects for any other company.

My salary comes from selling SSD ads.

If my content attracts great readers - then great advertisers follow.

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