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Cyclone Microsystems

Cyclone Microsystems is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance Intelligent I/O Controllers for embedded and real-time systems. Cyclone's products effectively manage high-speed real-time data flows and I/O protocol processing, allowing the system's host processor to focus on primary application tasks. With many types of embedded systems experiencing the impact of escalating LAN and WAN data flows, Cyclone's products are used in many industrial sectors, including telecommunications, video-on-demand, medical imaging, broadband networking, security, and industrial process control.

  • editor's notes:- 22 years old Cyclone has a range of products which now includes PCI Express expansion chassis and multiport PCIe GbE adapters.

    There's often a need for expanders in embedded systems. I remember coming across VME expanders in the 1980s and my SPARC publication listed Sun compatible SBus expansion boxes in the early 1990s.

    Storage adapters don't feature much on Cyclone's website any more but I did find an Ultra320 PMC. They used to make PMC RAID adapters (back in the period upto about 2003).
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