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Gigaram is an ISO Certified manufacturer of high quality memory modules for the complete line of Sun Microsystems' workstations and servers. We specialize in the developing, designing, manufacturing and testing of memory modules for desktops, servers, workstations, notebooks and office automation products. Established in 1996 by a team of engineers with over twelve years of experience in the electronic memory industry, Gigaram continues as the "Innovator in Memory Module Design & Manufacturing". All of our high performance upgrade products are guaranteed to meet all OEM specifications for form, fit and function. We pride ourselves in our ability to produce and supply our customers with the latest products at competitive prices. At Gigaram, we strongly believe that our success comes from our commitment in pursuing the highest quality and transforming innovative ideas into reality. Our mission is to be the industry leader in the manufacturing of memory modules – by combining excellence and continuous innovation.

  • editor's notes:- in years gone by when annual revenue in the Sun compatible server market was over 2x bigger than it is today (in Q4 2007) - Gigaram was an advertiser in our publications. They continued advertising for several years after that while the world waited to see if Sun would recover.

    You can see an archived version of their ad in the 2003 copy of our RAM page. (view full screen)
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Squeak! - the Solid State Disks Buyers Guide
This is the 5th annual edition of this very popular report.

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the solid state disks buyers guide
The SSD Buyers Guide lists all SSD products commercially available in the market by form factor, interface type and memory technology. It also includes a summary of key milestones in the SSD market in the past year. the article, solid state disks

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