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iStor Networks

iStor Networks, Inc. is an innovative technology leader providing network storage solutions to OEMs, value-added Resellers and system integrators. The company's comprehensive line of products addresses business-critical needs for flexibility, affordability and high performance. Headquartered in Irvine, California, iStor has established a global presence with offices in the United States, UK, and operational facilities in Taiwan. For more information visit

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  • editor's comments:- July 2010 - iStor provides virtualized iSCSI networked storage for Windows environments. There's nothing special about that now - but the company has been pushing the iSCSI bandwaggon since about 2004 - which implies a level of experience which other companies might not have.

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the problem with flash SSD  write IOPS
the Problem with Write IOPS - in flash SSDs
. This article explains why some specs are
exaggerated or predict the wrong results.
What's the best / cheapest - PC SSD?
Editor:- I often get emails from readers which ask the above question.

An article on - called What's the best / cheapest PC SSD? - is my attempt to create a simple FAQs page - which answers the question...
click to read this article ...of why I can't answer your question - and follows on to pose some probing questions which you can ask yourself. the article

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