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After SSDs... What Next? ..
After SSDs... What Next?

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Lightspeed Semiconductor - (2005)

Lightspeed is the technology leader in a new category of chip design – Structured Array. Lightspeed has developed and patented technology enabling Structured Arrays based on Standard Cells. This new technology is the result of 9 years of structured array research and development. Lightspeed's highly specialized and unique proprietary structured array EDA placement tools are a key factor in achieving density and performance close to that of full standard cell implementations. This technology significantly lowers development time and cost for chip companies for both ASICs and ASSPs. Lightspeed delivers embedded structured array technology for ASSP as well as metal programmable IO and other IP for complete structured ASIC solutions with the advantages of optional AutoTest.

  • editor's comments:- Lightspeed Semiconductor had secured over $50 million worth of VC funding by June 2000. The company is no longer in business.
SPARC history
SPARC History
Spellabyte and Terrorbyte loved sitting around
the campfire, discussing the good old days of
SPARC computing.
Are MLC SSDs Safe in Enterprise Apps?
This is a follow up article (published in March 2008) to the popular SSD Myths and Legends which, a year earlier demolished the myth that flash memory wear-out (a comfort blanket beloved by many RAM SSD makers) precluded the use of flash in heavy duty datacenters.

This new article looks at the risks posed by MLC Nand Flash SSDs which have recently hatched from their breeeding ground as chip modules in cellphones and morphed into hard disk form factors.
which technology to choose? - read the article It starts down a familiar lane but an unexpected technology twist (which arrived in my email while writing this article) takes you to a startling new world of possibilities. the article

profile from featured press release January 25, 2005 (reverified Jan 2006)

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