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12 years: Thank you for the gift of Knowledge!

Marius Tudorby Marius Tudor - December 31, 2014


Very much enjoyed our conversation last week.

Talk about boiling down to 55 mins a decade of Flash storage & ecosystem transformations.. :)

I wholeheartedly feel you have demonstrated thought leadership 1st & across the Flash spectrum dating back to initial predictions you've made as early as 2002/3...The "good-old days" of PATA or UW SCSI SSDs at $3-4k/GB or 'massive' 30GB 2U 19" rackmount DRAM systems.

Our industry has certainly changed & matured, with the only constants being the quest for density, higher across-the-board standards for 'good-enough' reliability, and simplicity of deployment & serviceability. Regarding the yesteryear benchmark sparring, the performance envelope has been pushed so high the last 3-5 years, that breaking new records seems to have taken a back seat in favor of ease use.

What is/should be comforting for your newer readership is your capability to make seemingly outrageous claims years ahead of them possibly becoming reality, i.e when there were less than two dozen companies dabbling into Flash Storage/SSDs, you claimed there will be 200-300 by late 2000s, or that we will witness 1 million IOPs or Petabyte size Flash single deployments.

These and others predictions that were followed by pipedreams eventually converting to tangible reality, continually drive the ubiquity of Flash-enabled systems across Data Centers. To complete the device & system level progress, software stacks enabling/leveraging Flash are also diversifying, gaining deployment & exposure, thus further accelerating application level innovation.

Don't know how many or how often folks across the storage spectrum reach out to you to simply express gratitude, but thought I'd simply drop a line to say 'Thank you!' for everything you've done for the industry as a whole and the advent of the Flash-powered DataCenter.

Hope you'll continue your quest to always bring insightful analysis & Flash/NVM-related news to your readers, new & old.

Editor's comments:- Marius kindly said I could publish the above endorsement in December 2014 - but due to other commitments I didn't get around to posting his comments online till April 20, 2015

Why now?

I love that bit where Marius talks about "outrageous claims" - and it's helping to steady my nerves as I'm writing yet another article in the "shocking" category which - as I know from having discussed some of the ideas in it with readers - can profoundly change people's thinking and their plans. (Later that article was - 90% of the enterprise SSD companies which you know have no good reasons to survive - which analyzed the forces shaping consolidation in 2016 to 2021 timeframe.)

BTW - Marius was at Fusion-io/SanDisk when he wrote the above endorsement. Since then he's been at Coho Data at Liqid . But wherever he is - he's always been in the molten core of forging the future of enterprise flash.

And thanks to all my other readers - for their kind notes and comments which I mostly keep to myself but which give me the encouragement to keep going on.

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