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Incorporated in 1989, MaxOptix Corporation is a developer of tape automation and secondary data storage solutions. With an installed base of over 14,000, MaxOptix tape autoloaders and libraries span all segments in the high performance secondary data storage industry from entry level through enterprise class automation. MaxOptix is extremely well positioned to address the rapidly growing market opportunities for data storage solutions, via its channel partners and it serves a global customer base from its US Headquarters in Boulder, Colorado and from MaxOptix Europe Ltd. with European Headquarters in Surrey, England.

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Maxoptix Abandons OSD Optical Project

from Jean-Jacques Maleval Editor of StorageNewsletter

October 11, 2001 - Plans for high-density digital disks, based on hybrid technologies combining optical and magnetic technology, have had the wind let out of their sails after gobbling mountains of dollars for very little results. TeraStor has given up, while Seagate no longer makes any mention of its Quinta technology, although it continues to file the odd patent.

And now it's Maxoptix's turn to throw in the towel on its OSD (Optical Super Density) disk drive. Hardly any projects are left, with the exception of UDO (Ultra Disc Optical), in which Plasmon and Sony have invested in the hopes of attaining 20GB per side on a 5.25-inch phase-change optical platter, with a launch set for 2003. OSD was originally meant to integrate a 40GB removable disk with a 30MB/s transfer rate.

"We have completely stopped," confirmed Brian Blanchard, Maxoptix's European VP. "We couldn't get the disk media from Mitsubishi [Chemical] up to 13GB." The cessation of this activity will result in cutbacks of some 40 employees, Blanchard further revealed.

The company also exits its historical 5.25-inch magneto-optical drive and library market. Consequently, Maxoptix's business will now be primarily focused on tape automation products, thanks to its acquisition of Breece Hill at the beginning of the year.

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