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Micro Memory - circa 2007

Micro Memory, LLC., founded in 1976, is a leading provider of high performance board-level products for streaming signal and image processing, real time data acquisition, and enterprise network storage. With corporate headquarters in Chatsworth, California, the company's innovative products are sold directly to industry-leading OEM's and system solution providers. Ultra-dense packaging, specialized memory controllers, DMA engines, and low latency interconnects are combined with optimized software to solve challenging and complex problems for a wide spectrum of applications. Overall performance and reliability of complex systems are often limited by compute or I/O bottlenecks. Based on a combination of industry leading technologies and company proprietary IP, Micro Memory's portfolio of products successfully alleviate these bottlenecks, improving system metrics for a diverse range of customers and applications.

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who's who in SSD? - Micro Memory

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor -

I began writing about Micro Memory in my buyers guides in the early 1990s when they made an SBus NFS accelerator branded as the "Prestoserve" which was listed in the SPARC Product Directory.

In August 2007 - VMETRO acquired 100% of the shares of Micro Memory (which at that time made PCI SSDs).

Then in October 2008, VMETRO was itself acquired by Curtiss-Wright.

Later:- Mike Jadon (who had been GM of Micro Memory for over 12 years) later resurfaced in my attention (and that of my readers) as the CEO of Radian Memory - which emerged from stealth mode in August 2015 - with the launch of a fast 2.5" NVMe PCIe SSD - the RMS-250.

PS - If you're interested in who acquired whom in the storage and SSD markets in the modern era take a look at these articles:- 500 gone away storage companies (2000 to 2009) and SSD acquisitions (2000 to 2015)

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In 1977 Micro Memory launched the world's first magnetic core store based non volatile memory card for the microprocessor market. The 8 kilobyte card was designed to be compatible with Altair 's S-100 bus.
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