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First Terabyte SSD in Space - from Mtron..............................
Editor:- May 20, 2008 - Mtron announced today that a terabyte of their SSD storage will be used in a NASA funded project (flying over the South Pole) to research high-energy cosmic rays.

Neutrino events are rare and hard to detect on Earth. But the Antarctic ice sheet provides a large nature-made detector with a million square kilometer "lens" (when viewed from the balloon's 35km mission height).

ANITA is a radio telescope attached to NASA's stratospheric balloon to detect Cherenkov pulses created when neutrinos from space hit the ice sheet which is "remarkably transparent to radio waves."

ANITA's 2nd month long experiment will start in December and will include 8x 3.5" SATA SSDs from Mtron making up the data logging storage.

Editor's comments:-
balloons are a rugged environment for data storage, because apart from the expected extremes of altitude and temperature - the way these flights finish is often with a crash. So the ability to survive impact shocks is also importanct.

Previously mentioned SSD balloon flights on these pages include:-
  • an SSD from Memtech plunged 127,000 feet as part of a NASA weather balloon that crashed onto a Virginia highway, where it was promptly run over by a truck. Despite being "totally bent out of shape" the data was still accessible.
rugged storage Before being acquired by STEC in 2005 - Memtech made the most rugged SSDs in the Solar System. One of their drives was onboard the 2004 Mars Rover.
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